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The Lean Learning Center was founded in 2001 to address the gaps and barriers that are holding back companies from successful and sustainable lean transformation. In addition to the advanced curriculum, the Center has developed a learning environment designed specifically for adult learning utilizing techniques that include discovery simulations, case studies, personal planning, and reflection – ultimately engaging people at a deep and personal level. We bring our unique lean understanding in creative ways to executives, managers, supervisors, change agents and front-line employees.

Ten Myths About Lean Learning

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We often struggle to understand the connection between the learning process and performance results. The following article from Chief Learning Officer (December 2015) will help clear up some of the confusion and dispel some of the myths. Enjoy! 10 Myths About Learning and Performance In the past two decades, the ROI Institute has had the opportunity [...]

Procedural Compliance and Why The Deviation From Standard Can Be Devastating

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At the recent NBAA conventions National Safety Forum, NTSB Chairman Chris Hart cited the investigation of a Gulfstream G-IV crash on May 21, 2014 at Bedford Massachusetts that killed all seven aboard. Investigators blamed the crash on the crews attempt to take off with the control lock engaged. Analysis of the flight data recorder revealed the [...]

Corporate Learning

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While catching up on our reading, we found this great article about corporate learning from Chief Learning Officer Magazine (October 2015) about corporate learning: What Arby’s Can Teach Us About Culture Everyone who reads my columns knows I believe U.S. corporate leaders are missing the boat when it comes to their organizations’ human capital. I have [...]

Registration Available for The Lean Experience®® June Course

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The Lean Learning Center offers an innovative program this June. The 5-day program begins your company’s lean transformation by challenging the way that you approach your work. Demanding customers? In a competitive market? Growth by acquisitions and mergers, needing a common way to improve? Company has divisions using a variety of improvement approaches needing alignment? The [...]

Study Reveals Benefits of Lean Fundamentals Program for High School Students

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A recent cooperative study uncovers the value and effectiveness of the Lean Fundamentals Program in a collaborative high school setting. Lean Learning Center recently collaborated with Oakland University and the Clintondale Community School District to offer Clintondale High School students a six-week course on Lean methods which included an extensive project-based learning simulation. The goal of [...]

The Lean Learning Center Provides $45K Gift to Pawley Lean Institute at Oakland University

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The Lean Learning Center has proudly awarded six training seats to students from Oakland University to help further their practical experience working with the concepts and practices of Lean thinking. The Lean Learning Center generously awarded Oakland University’s Pawley Lean Institute with six training seats to their foundational learning program, The Lean Experience®®, on an annual [...]

Lean Learning Center Receives the Pawley Lean Institute Partner Award

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Pawley Lean Institute partner award is now proudly displayed at the Lean Learning Center The Lean Learning Center is the proud recipient of a partnership award from the Pawley Lean Institute for their continued support of Lean initiatives at Oakland University. The Lean Learning Center was honored with the Pawley Lean Institute Partner Award [...]

Register Today for The Lean Experience®®

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The Lean Learning Center offers a five-day program that takes your company on a lean transformation. Few companies today escape the challenge of delivering the best value to their customers. With global companies consolidating, margins getting razor-thin, customers demanding more, and suppliers squeezing profits, lean transformation provides the solution. By incorporating the waste-reducing, streamlined, enterprise-wide system [...]

Companies That Embrace Innovation Will Succeed

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The Lean Learning Center reviews organizations that have embraced change and stood the test of time. In our article about the importance of innovation and creativity to an organization’s success, we discussed the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company: The average lifespan has declined from 61 years in 1955 to 18 years in 2014. However, [...]

Part Three: Is Lean Curriculum Appropriate for the 21st Century High School?

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This is part three of our series about a collaboration between Lean Learning Center, Oakland University, and the Clintondale Community School District offering students in two elective classes at Clintondale High School a six-week (30 lessons) course on Lean methods that included an extensive project-based learning simulation. If you’d like to catch up on Part One [...]