The Lean Learning Center provides a unique perspective on lean and a unique experience for our participants. Here are some of their comments:

“With 20 years experience, this week of lean training finally gave me a picture of what business is all about.”

T.C., ZF Industries

“The easiest way to convince key management that lean was a good idea was to expose them to the experience.”

C.B., Vice President, Chicago Metallic Corp

“The Center’s instructors are great about bringing information down to an understandable and usable level.”


“We, as managers, try to manage by pushing our own vision down through the organization. The Lean Learning Center and Achievement Dynamics take an opposite approach by engaging the people who do the work in developing ways to do things better. It was a natural fit for us and for what we were trying to create.”

T.M., President, Wise Foods

“Before long, even some natural rebels begin to see the benefits of Lean thinking’s carefully charted structure.”

Fast Company

“I’ve been trying to put all of this together for 5 years. You guys got me to understand in 5 days.”

Automotive Plant Manager

“The Lean Learning Center is the only place I know that teaches lean systems thinking. There are a lot of people teaching the tools. However, without the ‘system thinking’ it is like trying to build a house with a hammer and saw but not a blueprint.”

Automotive Tier-1 Lean Coach

“I’ve just been doing a job for the past 5 years. Now I’m excited about going back and making a difference.”

Capital Equipment Company Manager

“I see how this applies to any department, any function and is not just for manufacturing. I can create significant results by applying this to what I do.”


“You’ve given me the words that helps me explain what I feel in my gut, in my heart. This is what’s been missing.”

Toyota Manager

“It changed my mind about lean and is going to make me use the thought process in my everyday business and private life.”

R.M., Operations Manager, Beaver Manufacturing

“Excellent educational structure and process! Clear and actionable concepts. Knowledgeable and experienced educators teaching the class. The best 5 days of adult education I have ever had.”

G.S., COO, REACH Air Medical Services

“The class was enjoyable. You are not sitting under a lecture all day. The teachers are more like coaches and they practice the Learn-Apply-Reflect concept.”

T.K., ZF Industries

“Out of all the training courses I have attended over the last 30 years, this is the only one that gives me the tools I need to really make improvements.”

B.T., Superintendant, Superior Essex

“This is the best teaching experience I have ever been a part of.”

V.D., Stamping Manager, DaimlerChrysler

“It made lean a well-understood process.”

D.S., Independent Consultant

“The facilitators painted a different way of thinking.”


“Great to have diverse people from different industries involved, learned from them all.”

M.S., Engineering Manager, Haden International

“Well structured, excellent fundamentals and very well communicated. Before the course my focus was on the tools for lean; now I understand the essence of lean – big difference.”

L.G., Sunstar Butler

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