Which Problem Solving Form Should We Use?

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Problem solving can be complicated. Let’s face it. If you Google “problem solving methods” there are 69,400,000 entries to choose from.  There are an infinite number of problems to solve. Solved problems = better results.  Ideally the organization would be best served by solving problems as soon as they surface, where they surface, by the people [...]

Is U.S. Manufacturing poised for a strong comeback?

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Made in America – Is U.S. Manufacturing poised for a strong comeback? Over the holidays I had the chance to catch up on some reading.  One of the articles I read is really worth noting for manufacturing companies in the United Sates.   The tepper Magazine from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University contains [...]

Coming to Brazil

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These are exciting times for Brazil.  I’m sure most everyone is aware of the upcoming major events  in Brazil in the near future.  Brazil will host the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016.  Another event, albeit  lesser known,  is the first public Kaizen Boot Camp offered by the Lean Learning Center (LLC) in [...]

What is "Lean"?

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I will often get this question from someone who has not yet been exposed to "Lean Thinking".  Just what is "Lean" anyway?  I thought it would be helpful to have a short definition / explanation to share. At its core, “Lean” is about improving and optimizing your operations. An organization using lean thinking consistently provides greater [...]

High Agreement of Both What and How

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By Susan Pleasant I have become increasingly intrigued with the power of high agreement mechanisms and the principle of high agreement.  I have to start with a disclaimer or, perhaps, a confession. I am a control freak.  I have to corral that beast when I begin to explore high agreement because my control freak is at [...]


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I spend at least 50% of my time teaching classes for people who for various reasons are interested enough in lean to spend a week immersed in experiences designed to cause them to understand and apply lean principles to what they do.  The focus of the week is creating breakthrough thinking that will shift beliefs about [...]

Implementing Small Rapid Improvement

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There have been some recent posts about the value of small improvements. The cumulative impact of having a lot of people making fractional improvements that move towards the ideal state has been well described.  Improvement I would like to offer some thoughts about how to structure small rapid improvements for yourself and your team. First, notice [...]

The Lean Learning Center launches a new course to support HR's role in a lean transformation

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Since we opened the first course to really teach lean thinking, the Lean Experience, the Lean Learning Center has always been focused on helping companies through some of the toughest challenges, from cultural lean transformation to leadership engagement. We are proud to launch a new course, HR's Lean Transformation. There are two primary reasons for designing [...]

The 1% Difference

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Team GB Regain Their Mojo "For several years it looked as though Team GB's track cyclists had lost the air of invincibility they had in Beijing - but after two days of the London 2012 track programme it seems Britain's Olympic medal factory might be about to break all productivity records."  -Matt Slater, August 2012 While [...]

A new home for the Lean Learning Center

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After 12 years at the same location in Novi, Michigan, the Lean Learning Center has finally moved. We are in a new and larger location at Troy, Michigan. This will be the home for our ever-evolving courses such as the Lean Experience, Leading Lean, as well as our new course HR's Lean Transformation. We've just completed [...]

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