Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

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Late last year, I finally traded in my trusty Ford Focus for a new (to me) lightly used 2014 Ford Focus. (It has 18,000 miles on it) It is a great car, I really like it. But that is not what I wanted to tell you about. This Focus happens to be a Flex Fuel car. [...]

Embracing the scientific method

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I read plenty of disturbing statements about lean, but I read one recently that really caught my attention because it seemed to rip the core of lean out of lean, and then almost claim credit for putting it back in. I was reading a copy of AME's Target Magazine from my huge backlog pile of reading, [...]

If You Want to Learn More About Lean–Quit Reading Books About Lean

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On the surface this really sounds like a dumb thing to say particularly coming from someone who has co-authored a relatively successful lean book.  It is also counterintuitive.   Shouldn’t you always read books specifically about the subject you are trying to master?  What I recently discovered is that I’m learning more about lean by reading seemingly [...]

Define a Clear Vision of the Ideal State

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Most lean practitioners understand and would agree that it’s a good practice to try things out prior to making changes permanent. Trying things out through simulations and mockups allows us to test changes against anticipated results so that we can see what works and what does not. The practice of testing ideas against an anticipated result [...]