Who Leads 90% of the People in your Company Every Day?

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Frontline managers see everyone in your company every day. If your frontline team spends more than 60 minutes of their day increasing value added from their team you are ahead of the average. Ask yourself: Of the salaried headcount, what percentage are frontline managers? How many associates are they connecting with daily? Of 600 minutes at [...]

Middle Management – The Key to Lean

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When assessing the effectiveness and direction of lean in your organization you might find yourself in one of these places: The Continuous Improvement Program Managers have run a lot of high impact projects. We either need more CI managers or we need to increase skill and capability of line management. We seem to have plateaued in [...]

How Can Lean Help to Educate Your Senior Leadership?

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Leadership commitment to lean is one of, if not the most, critical requirements for a successful lean transformation. Yet one dilemma that many lean leaders have is trying to provide the lean education needed by senior leaders to effectively understand what their commitment needs to look and sound like. In most cases the demands of the [...]

Click "Like" If You Have Enough Time

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    I was facilitating a kaizen for a team that had decided to tackle a very challenging improvement. The process was complicated. Multiple attempts had been made to improve. The problems in the process resulted in delays and downtime that cost millions across the enterprise. It was clearly a priority with a high return. The [...]

Increase the Return on Lean Training Investments

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Lean Training is usually an integral part of the lean journey. Lean Training occurs in the beginning to introduce organizations to the basics or to align teams with a variety of backgrounds and experiences in lean. Workshops and training sessions are conducted during the lean journey to add a new way of thinking or a new [...]

Carry the wounded and shoot the stragglers: dealing with cynics and skeptics

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A question frequently asked of me is “what do I do about the people who won’t get on board?” This is too broad of a question, because there isn’t a single answer to the question, except “it depends.” What does it depend on? Primarily, the reason for people resisting is unique to them. Do not overgeneralize [...]

If You Want to Learn More About Lean–Quit Reading Books About Lean

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On the surface this really sounds like a dumb thing to say particularly coming from someone who has co-authored a relatively successful lean book.  It is also counterintuitive.   Shouldn’t you always read books specifically about the subject you are trying to master?  What I recently discovered is that I’m learning more about lean by reading seemingly [...]

Promoting Employee Engagement–A Cautionary Tale

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Those of you who know me are aware that I have been slow to embrace the power and value of social media.  Fortunately my friend and partner, Jamie Flinchbaugh, has convinced me of the error of my ways.  This is my 1st foray into the blogosphere and I hope to be a valuable contributor. Although it [...]

Accidental Culture versus Planned Culture

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Culture has a major impact on your performance. This is why leaders must focus so much attention on it. But everything you do can have an impact on culture. You impact the culture, whether you have an accidental culture, or a planned culture. Andy and Jamie discuss why you must be purposeful in your actions, and [...]