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Register for the Lean Experience Course in Wisconsin

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The Lean Learning Center is pleased to announce that it will be offering its Lean Experience ® course at the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh, WI from February 20th, through February 24th, 2017. Our Lean Experience ® course offers companies a unique experience unlike any other in the Lean movement. We provide our clients with perspective, [...]

Lean Learning Center’s 2017 Lean Experience Course Schedules Now Available

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Commit to a New Years challenge in 2017 and set a goal to enhance your business by enrolling in one of our Lean Experience Courses. Lean Learning Center has just released the schedule and location information for the Lean Experience courses taking place in 2017: 02/20-02/24 (University of Wisconsin - 625 Pearl Ave., Oshkosh, WI 54901) [...]

Registration Available for The Lean Experience®® December Course

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The Lean Learning Center offers an innovative program this December to help organizations improve their results by focusing on transforming companies from the inside out. The Lean Experience®® The Lean Experience®® is a 5-day program that challenges the way your company approaches work. Use the following questions to help you determine if your company could benefit [...]

Registration Available for The Lean Experience®® June Course

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The Lean Learning Center offers an innovative program this June. The 5-day program begins your company’s lean transformation by challenging the way that you approach your work. Demanding customers? In a competitive market? Growth by acquisitions and mergers, needing a common way to improve? Company has divisions using a variety of improvement approaches needing alignment? The [...]

Valuing the small improvement

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Small improvements matter. Yet, organizations often de-value them because they are small. They don't always do it intentionally. They may simple OVER-value the big improvements, through recognition and reward. Here are three important reasons to value making small improvements: 1. It's how you learn and build culture. Improvement is a muscle. Lots and lots of repetitions [...]

Look for The Noise

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Part of the activities during the Lean Experience workshop is a factory simulation—we build aircraft, very complex aircraft.  During the 1st round the noise is literally almost deafening.  The noise gets louder and louder the longer the simulation goes on and more as the system fails to deliver.  During the 2nd round, after redesign, it is [...]

Promoting Employee Engagement–A Cautionary Tale

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Those of you who know me are aware that I have been slow to embrace the power and value of social media.  Fortunately my friend and partner, Jamie Flinchbaugh, has convinced me of the error of my ways.  This is my 1st foray into the blogosphere and I hope to be a valuable contributor. Although it [...]

Lean in a Union Environment

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In this video, Andy Carlino and Jamie Flinchbaugh discuss lean in a union environment. This is not about pro-union or anti-union, but a recognition that having a union does affect how you deal with change. When it comes to lean transformation, it presents some challenges but also some advantages, because you know the rules and have [...]