Lean – What Is the ROI?

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Lean – What Is the ROI? “What is the return on investment for lean?” This question is asked frequently in our Lean Experience and Leading Lean sessions.  It’s a fair question. This week I had a chance to see a great example of the ROI of lean. A little background - the company I visited this [...]

The Perfect Game

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On June 18 the LA Dodgers played the Colorado Rockies and won 8-0. Clayton Kershaw, the pitcher for the Dodgers, pitched an almost perfect game as measured by the Bill James Game Score. The Dodgers had one error. Let me be clear, I have not been a baseball fan. However, I seem to be finding some [...]

What are " supermarkets "?

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A true supermarket is storage characterized by high use materials (A items) that turn faster than the standard material handling cycle located close to the line to facilitate retrieval by an operator or water spider/utility.