Beliefs that Give Rise to History – Making Teams

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Today’s business world needs a team that can adjust with the times and keep up with the stiff competition. Creating a set of protocols to be followed does not make the cut anymore. The only way is to have not only a skilled team but also one that is inspired by a set of beliefs. These [...]

Engaging Through Daily Huddles

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Regardless of where you sit in the organizational hierarchy, daily huddles are a great tool for any team to create engagement, alignment, surface problems, and more. Andy Carlino and Jamie Flinchbaugh discuss daily huddles, which are a great add-on if you watched our last video about scoreboards. Please let us know if there are any topics [...]

Keeping score and setting direction

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It doesn't take many distractions or changes for a team to be no longer aligned and lacking direction. That is one of the reasons that scoreboards are so important. They not only help you keep score, but keep you focused and aligned when used properly. Andy Carlino and Jamie Flinchbaugh discuss the effective use of scoreboards [...]