Type: Advisory

Problem Statement:  How do we know that we’re working on the right improvements, and what opportunities are we missing altogether?

Solution:  When you’re immersed in an operation of any kind, it is difficult to give it a truly objective assessment. Sometimes an outside, experience, and structured view is the best way to get a clear look at how things are progressing. A key point for the purpose of assessment is that it is not what to work on, but it’s what to work on first. Anyone can build a list of improvements, but is it the right list that will generate the performance desired? The Integrated Lean Assessment examines 13 categories of operational performance: Product / Material Flow, Visual Management, Waste Elimination and Continuous Improvement, Problem Identification and Elimination, Information Flow, Quality Management, Policy Deployment and Alignment, Employee Involvement and Development, Standardization, Safety, Cleanliness and Organization, Equipment Excellence, Learning Organization, and Enterprise Integration.

Each operational performance category has 10-20 questions. Each question is scored, along with feedback and recommendations provided. The scores are rolled up to provide a category score and category feedback which are rolled up into an overall score. A detailed Summary Report with overall feedback and specific recommendations is provided as input to planning and further progress.


  • Learn what opportunities you are missing
  • Generate alignment on your current state with your team
  • Prioritize your improvements for forward progress

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