How You Will Learn

How You Will Learn 2017-12-08T18:30:56+00:00

Rethinking How Adults Learn

As innovative as the ideas you will learn through the Lean Learning Center are, you will find that the methods of learning and teaching are a radical departure from traditional teaching methods. Adults do not learn best by listening to a series of lectures. Adults learn through their own discovery, through experience combined with the right questions and through interaction with other adults who are learning as well.

Three Active Modes of Learning – Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic

We all have three active modes of learning. These three modes of learning are auditory (conversation and lectures), visual (examples and models) and kinesthetic (doing). We may not know which, but one of these modes will be dominant for your learning. The Lean Learning Centers curriculum and environment are designed to engage all three learning modes creating a deeper and longer-lasting learning experience for you.

From Your Head. To Your Hands. To Your Heart.

We take you through a process that doesn’t stop at just learning words. Our process takes ideas from your head (teaching, lectures, case studies and dialogue) to your hands (application and simulation) to your heart (reflection).

By rethinking how adults learn, combined with new lean rules and principles, the Lean Learning Center will provide the maximum transformation for you and your team.