• Are you looking to introduce lean knowledge within your organization and unsure of how to start?
  • Do you have a new employee who needs to be introduced to the lean journey and many of the concepts associated with it?
  • Are you looking for resources to put in your employees’ hands that will support them when faced with an improvement opportunity?
  • Do you want to hit the ground running on your next kaizen event rather than commit project time to teaching concepts?
  • Do you want to grow lean knowledge within your organization, but can’t sacrifice days away from the office to do so?
  • Have you been through a lean training course in the past and want a refresher on a particular topic?
  • Are you looking for a way to accomplish these goals that works around your schedule?
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Flexibility Is the Key

If you answered yes to any of these questions, let our Online Education System be your solution. Our online courses provide the flexibility and portability to meet your goals around your schedule. The courses provide you with an opportunity to grow individual knowledge, and since they can be accessed on your portable internet devices, they can also be used as an immediate reference resource to support:

A Solution for Any Industry

Wondering if these courses may be an effective solution for your organization? Our courses have been carefully crafted to support all organizations regardless of your specific industry, department, role, organization size or lean maturity level.

Once the foundational knowledge of a lean concept or tool has been introduced, we provide examples of that concept or tool that go beyond the factory’s walls. We feature a short video that follows our stars, “Lenny and Lisa”, as they attempt to apply that lesson’s key concepts. We gave particular attention to the video storylines to ensure that the problems faced by Lenny and Lisa are relatable to everyone. This will allow you to easily see the relevancy and value of the concept or tool highlighted in each one. Examples of these storylines explored by Lenny and Lisa include:

Lenny and Lisa

  • The frustration experienced sitting on hold and being transferred repeatedly during a customer service call with an analysis rooted in lean rules
  • Use of the scientific method of experimentation to test and verify commute time from the office to home.
  • The prevalence of everyday visual management techniques used to indicate abnormalities and prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Creating a standard work instruction to standardize the process of making a pot of coffee.
  • Using the Waste Walk tool to look for inefficiencies found within the process of making a pizza.

Learn. Apply. Reflect.

We structure each online course following our unique “learn-apply-reflect” model that is designed to engage adult learners and increase learning retention. These phases are:

Take a Closer Look

To experience a sample of what we have to offer, please complete our complimentary Introduction to Lean Thinking module that presents common thinking as the foundation for continuous improvement in any organization.

You can locate Introduction to Lean Thinking and many more courses by clicking on the link below to go to the Online Education Home Page. There, you can learn more information about each course we offer including course objectives, duration and pricing.

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