Want to Make a Difference in the Lives of people around the country and get Financially Rewarded for the Impact?  (Or, perhaps you know someone who would be interested in this opportunity?)

Join our team of Global Award Winning Practice & Firm Owners where you can build a highly scalable and profitable Lean Education and Consulting / Coaching Firm.  Provide your Clients with a 700% ROI leveraging our proprietary educational materials, coaching methodology and Framework of hundreds of Business Tools & Solutions offering the broadest array of best in class Lean Improvement products to businesses across all sectors of the economy.

We are focused on Solving Problems and helping the business community provide greater value to their customers by increasing product / service quality, improving profits, eliminating waste and improving employee engagement.

Do you have?

  • A desire to utilize your senior level business experience to forever change the trajectory of businesses?
  • A desire to build your own highly profitable and scalable B-2-B business where leveraging our Methodology and Framework allows your Practice or Firm to transfer significant know-how per hour of coaching and receive significant rewards for your services?
  • A desire to join a team of committed business improvement professionals that focus upon growing business revenues, increasing the success of businesses and creating jobs in your local market?
  • Do you live to help people and business make improvements?
  • Do you enjoy problem solving and teaching people how to solve problems?

As a Lean Learning Center licensed partner, you and your team of educators and business coaches Will:

  • Guide, support and motivate leaders and managers to grow their businesses. Guide leaders to be more successful, their businesses to be more profitable, and employees more engaged.
  • Build your own profitable and scalable firm. You can scale from a single-coach practice to a large-team firm.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Use our proprietary education tools and coaching methodology to be able to transfer significant know-how and add huge value to your client base.

Use all the established materials, trademarked products and content developed over 20 years by the lean learning center.  We handle all the back office problems, web site, email, accounting, etc. – you focus on locating and servicing your customers while leveraging our established customer base. Leverage your experience in your industry, we train you for the rest.  Very low cost startup!

Have your own territory and work worldwide with other leaders in the lean industry

  1. If you are ambitious and have a genuine interest in business improvement ;
  2. If you want to be in control of your own destiny and time;
  3. If you have the desire to leverage your business knowledge and experience in building your own highly profitable and scalable business coaching firm;
  4. If you desire to be part of a peer group that focuses on continuous improvement;
  5. If you have the passion to make a difference in your life and the lives of others;
  6. If you desire to own and scale up a business that you can sell as an asset in the future;

Then maybe you are the person we are looking for!

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