In Powering the LeaEnterprise, author Bill Artzberger introduces basic lean rules and principles in a variety of simulated cases drawn from his personal experiences as a lean coach, trainer and manager. In each instance, Bill presents a different scenario for implementing lean technologies.

“The goal of lean is to identify and eliminate non-essential and non-value-added steps in the business process in order to streamline operations, improve quality and gain customer loyalty,” states Bill. “Whether we are a culture of hunters and gatherers, inventors creating new gadgets for the home or workplace, or high-tech engineers designing efficient, low-cost, non-polluting methods of transportation, Lean Learning, Lean Thinking, a Lean Mindset and a Lean Culture are basic to a Lean Environment.”

Throughout the book, Bill emphasizes that lean is much more than merely a way of running a business. Rather, lean is a mindset that can serve as the foundation for every aspect of a person’s life. Likewise, lean learning is an ongoing journey toward personal and professional improvement. At the end of every success is another obstacle waiting to be perceived as yet another learning opportunity.

Writes Bill: “It is hoped that the information, illustrations and demonstrations presented in this book will serve as a powerful tool for implementing lean principles and practices in your organization as well as your personal lifestyle.”

In this book you will learn about: Lean Thinking, Lean Mindset, Lean Culture, The 4 Lean Rules & 5 Lean Principles, Choosing Lean, Lean Transformation Roadmap, Lean Leadership, Five Common Lean Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them, Kaizen Workshops, and Daily Improvements – Kata