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Lean Quad Simulation

The Lean Quad simulation can be used with our Lean Value Stream Improvement training materials (licensed separately), or can be easily integrated into other lean training programs, due to its ability to illustrate a wide variety of lean concepts ranging from value stream improvement to enabling flow.


The Lean Quad materials are comprehensive right out of the box. You will receive all the required assembled master model materials, raw materials, carrying containers, Facilitator Guide, and PowerPoint slides. The product package includes 2 simulation kits with enough material to accommodate a maximum of 12 participants.

Each kit is designed to accommodate one team of 6 people and is organized in a handy carrying case that is easy to carry or ship.  Your product package includes:

Component of the Lean Quad Simulation

  • 1 hard copy of the Lean Quad: An Off-Road Adventure to Process Improvement Facilitator Guide.  The comprehensive guide walks the facilitator through every stage of the process from simulation setup to facilitation to debrief discussions and tear-down.
  • 2 instructional material binders that house a hard copy of all standard work instructions and visual aids.
  • 1 USB drive with PDF files of the facilitator guide, PDF files of all standard work instructions and visual aids, and the presentation slides in PPT format.
  • 2 kits of LEGO-based simulation materials that can accommodate 2 teams composed of a maximum of 6 people per team.  Each team consists of 4 assembly/process roles, a material handling/production control role.
  • A facilitation video brings the Facilitator Guide to life and can be used with the guide to aid in facilitator preparation.
  • All materials are easily portable and fit in a well-packaged carrying case.

Looking to facilitate an audience larger than 12 participants?  Additional kits are available to accommodate any audience size.

Simulation Features

The simulation has several unique features compared to other lean simulations, including:

The Lean Quad

  • The ability to cover a wide range of teaching lessons with a relatively short-duration simulation.
  • Improvements within the simulation occur within an allocated budget, simulating the real-life condition of improving within constraints.
  • Flexibility in team structure, allowing the instructor to facilitate different audience sizes while still ensuring active participation.
  • Straightforward scalability, where larger groups can be facilitated without additional facilitators.
  • Compact and kitted storage for easy transportation and storage.
  • Everything that a facilitator will need to prepare and run a successful program, including a detailed Facilitator Guide and Video Demonstration.

Simulation Explanation

The Lean Quad simulation consists of 2 rounds.  Participants fill 1 of 6 roles on each team, although roles can be combined or removed to accommodate a variety of participant sizes. Participants will act as assemblers, Material Handlers or Continuous Improvement Coordinators.  There are two different models:  Sport Quad and Utility Quad, each with build differences at each stage of assembly.

Participants working on the simulation

The first round enables ample opportunities to improve, but participants are confined to process islands, making it impossible for participants to develop a comprehensive understanding of the current state process.

Teams will go through a process of analysis and understanding. This can be done following our Lean Value Stream Improvement content (licensed separately), or you can take teams through your own process and content. Once teams have analyzed their current reality and determined where they want to improve, they are presented with a wide range of improvement options, while being confined to working within an improvement budget. Improvement options ideas range from co-locating process steps and installing a pull system to rebalancing the line and cutting downtime. There is no one right answer, so this sets up great teaching points about how selecting and prioritizing improvement efforts. Once the teams make their selections, they are allowed to put them into place.

The second round becomes a test of their selection capabilities. Because teams often make different choices, this enables excellent discussions about why they made their choices and what impact they were able to actually achieve.

Why should I buy a simulation from the Lean Learning Center?

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The Lean Learning Center has additional simulations available, including The Beer Game. Here’s some reasons to consider these products from our team:

  • Our team members have been designing and facilitating some of the most advanced lean simulations since 1994.
  • We have our own in-house Instructional Design Studio with professional resources committed to developing world-class products.
  • We use our simulation products dozens if not hundreds of times before developing them into a product, enabling many rounds of continuous improvement for a robust and effective product.
  • We provide ongoing support and are ready to answer your questions to ensure your success in running the simulations.

Product Package and License

You will receive everything included in the materials list, a perpetual license for unlimited use, and two materials kits which are enough to support a class size of 12 participants.

Cost: $4,990 [+ $35 shipping]


Additional Kits

Additional kits are available to accommodate any audience size.  Each additional kit consists of 1 carrying case of materials and can support a maximum team size of 6 participants.

Cost: $1495 per kit [+ $25 shipping]


For more information, please contact us or call 248.906.8605.

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