What is Six Sigma DMAIC?

  • Six Sigma DMAIC is a structured problem solving methodology that achieves business success by attacking critical problems through rigorous and fact-based methodologies built upon a culture of lean principles.
  • Six Sigma is derived from statistical terminology and translates to a quality standard of just 3.4 defects per million opportunities.
  • DMAIC is an acronym that stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, control.

Why use Six Sigma DMAIC?

  • Defines a systematic approach to work through problems and identifies root causes with solutions to those causes.
  • Achieve world-class quality levels.
  • Institutionalize a standard problem-solving approach for complex or difficult problems throughout an organization.
  • Uncover critical variables in a process and use the toolkit to test and experiment changes to those variables.
  • Direct application of the systematic problem-solving principle.

Duration: 2 days

Cost: $1,195.00 Per Person

Upcoming dates: Scheduling at your location based on available resources

Full Description

In this workshop, we teach Six Sigma and how to use Six Sigma within your organization as an advanced problem-solving lean tool.

  • Problems must be approached as valuable opportunities to improve the system.
  • Select tools from your tool kit that help to diagnose and improve the specific process challenges that you encounter.
  • Follow the DMAIC framework to standardize your experiment.
  • The tools used at each step of the DMAIC process can vary, but the steps must always be followed.
  • Individuals are provided with the underlying skills to support the DMAIC process.

Key Benefits:

Learn how to integrate Six Sigma and the DMAIC process into your lean efforts to help your organization solve complicated or data-intensive problems.


The Six Sigma workshop can be held at your location or our training center.  Building upon the Lean Foundation for problem-solving the Six Sigma course introduces the elements of DMAIC and the Six Sigma approach.  Please contact us if you are planning to use a specific Six Sigma software tool, such as Multi-Tab in your environment.  We may be able to add additional training for your software in this course.