The 5S tool is a five-step process used by lean organizations to achieve a safe, efficient, and well-organized workplace that creates improvements through standardization. At its heart are the five pillars of Sorting, Setting in Order, Shining, Standardization, and Sustainability, which together provide the methodology for achieving a clean, orderly, and productive environment.  Improved safety has always been an implicit part of a good 5S program. 6S explicitly adds Safety, an additional pillar that provides additional focus on safety.

How to implement 5S/6S

Students who want to realize the benefits of a clean and efficient workplace can learn how to identify key areas for implementing the 5S/6S process. Discover ways to distinguish between essential and nonessential items and to establish appropriate communication strategies for the process. Find out how to organize essential materials in the workplace, plan and implement a cleaning regimen, and establish rules and procedures to support commercial, industrial, and manufacturing organizations.

Number of Modules: 9  / Approximate run time: 125 minutes

The Benefits of Using 5S/6S

Many companies begin the path to lean process improvement by implementing 5S or 6S. In addition to improving their workplace conditions, organizations also reap benefits such as:

  1. Increased Productivity
    Most companies aim to continuously increase productivity, which helps to improve their overall profitability. Effective implementation of 6S lean methods delivers this improvement by removing unnecessary items. When workers spend less time sorting through nonessential items, they spend more time working.
  2. Enhanced Safety
    A clean workplace can significantly reduce the number of injuries sustained by workers. Better cleaning means fewer slips and falls, which improves a lean organization’s safety record and employee morale.
  3. Reduced Waste
    A well-organized workplace with proper labeling enables workers to maintain inventory, which results in fewer losses and misplacements. Better management and storage of tools and equipment minimizes the risk of downtime caused by a lack of maintenance and repairs.
  4. Improved Morale
    Stronger worker morale translates into higher worker commitment. This factor is a primary goal of implementing 6S in lean environments. Workers who are mainly responsible for using the discipline find their work streamlined and their productivity increased, improving their commitment to work.

The 6S concept also includes the development of tools for measuring lean process improvement in an organization.

The 6S Pillar

Safety is a critical factor in any workspace, and many organizations are incorporating employee safety into their core values during lean process improvement initiatives. A strong emphasis on safety helps companies avoid accidents, injuries, and OSHA violations. Ensuring safety procedures are in place and up-to-date usually occurs after cleaning of the area. This is a four-part process that includes:

  • Reviewing current safety rules, procedures, and risks
  • Updating procedures and personal protective equipment
  • Establishing visual aids and error proofing
  • Setting up a permanent safety monitoring processes.

This course offers a separate Safety module/add-on to the 5S course. Students can purchase the 5S and 6S modules together or separately. However, if you are considering a 6S program, we advise learners to review the 5S program before the 6S program for continuity.

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