Introduction to Lean Kata 

Lean Kata bridges the gap between episodic continuous process improvement and everyday improvement. Kata is a Japanese term stemming from the sequence of movements in martial arts like Karate, which become second nature through consistent practice. When people do these daily, they no longer have to think about them but perform them automatically. Lean Kata is routine behavior that follows lean rules and principles to move you from your current condition to your ideal condition. This course will explain how to use the following types of Kata in your workplace.

Improvement Kata

Discover the four main steps of improvement Kata. Learn to understand the direction, grasp the current condition, establish the target condition, and implement the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycles to achieve the target. Learn how improvement Kata consists of many tiny repeating processes, which combine to make a single lean improvement process.

Discern why improvement Kata is a decentralized process, aligned through both a common challenge and a common way of working toward that challenge. Understand why troubleshooting misses out on achieving meaningful results, and why lean Kata ensures process-level improvement efforts fit together and have a focus.

Number of Modules: 3  / Approximate run time: 50 minutes

Coaching Kata

This aspect of Lean Kata should be used during the first four steps of improvement Kata. It consists of dialog aimed at guiding workers as they move towards a target condition. Brief coaching cycles typically occur on a daily basis to prepare workers for the next phase of improvement Kata. The coaching takes a standardized approach to help learners develop improvement Kata skills. In this course, you’ll find out how to identify a learner’s threshold of knowledge, deliver coaching, and set up experiments to impart knowledge and encourage scientific thinking.

Benefits of Learning Lean Kata

Learning Lean Kata offers multiple benefits, such as promoting team engagement by allowing those resistant to change to voice their concerns and work around them to gain acceptance. It takes the anxiety out of coaching by providing a proven framework for both learners and coaches, and the sequence of questions enables teams to focus on what is working, what is not working, and the barriers that exist.

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