Introduction to Mapping

Lean transformation requires a deep understanding of your current state, commitment to process improvement and implementing lean principles throughout the organization. To achieve this, all employees need to buy into a common way of thinking and acting. Process mapping is one method to achieve these goals.


Benefits of Mapping

Mapping is a visual tool companies use to gather and document the facts of current operations. The techniques used in mapping provide a way to confirm direct observation efforts and establish alignment on the reality of a work process. 

By implementing these mapping techniques for lean operations, learners will be able to: 

  • Use the Top-Down Flow Chart as an effective way to provide a high-level overview of a work process, and define a structured approach for developing the chart.
  • Pinpoint the people who contribute to work completion, the activities they perform, and the time allocated to completing those activities through the Activity Map.
  • Document the transformation of products from raw materials and components to a completed item as it moves through the system using the Product-Process Map.

Mapping is a visualization tool that helps to understand a process because they can see it. It also creates a record of the facts that can be used during assessment to evaluate lean improvements.

Number of Modules: 5  / Approximate run time: 80 minutes

Why Learn About Mapping

Any discussion about a process is more productive when based on fact. Instead of making decisions based on assumptions about the process, mapping enables workers to identify the gap between the requirements and the actual process. 

Implementing mapping as part of a company’s lean operations philosophy provides workers with continuous learning about the process through the development of the map. For example, creating a map often provides the team’s first opportunity to see the waste generated by a process or to understand the impact of those wastes. 

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