Introduction to Lean Rules and Principles

Lean thinking is the foundation of any ongoing process improvement effort. Lean principles successfully establish common thinking and approaches within an organization. If your company is considering implementing lean methodology, you need a sound understanding of these rules and principles. Take this course first to discover the differences between the two and the significance of using both in your transformation.


Coming to Grips with Lean Rules

In this module, learners will acquire a more profound knowledge of the four rules of lean process improvement, including:

  • An overview of structured activities, their design criteria, and understanding of the impact of unstructured activities on completing work. 
  • Recognition of customer-supplier relationships both within and outside the organization and how to establish clear connections that ensure consistent and reliable responses.
  • Awareness of the flow paths that people, materials, and information follow to complete work and the impact that multiple flow paths have on the results. 
  • A structured method for planning and testing experiments to improve work. 

These four fundamental rules of lean management apply to every industry, department, process, or change, and are the basis of continuous improvement.

Number of Modules: 12  / Approximate run time: 150 minutes

Unpacking Lean Principles

Acquire an in-depth introduction to the five lean principles, which guide the behaviors and actions of people working in a lean organization. These principles are:

  • A common lens for conducting objective and factual observation of work activities to identify process improvement opportunities.
  • Understanding the critical role of establishing high agreement to align the efforts of others in achieving goals.
  • A common lens and language for identifying waste within work processes and communicating the presence of waste to others.
  • Awareness of the difference between firefighting the symptoms of a problem, versus using a structured and systematic approach to address the root cause of a problem.
  • Recognition of the role of structured, daily learning in moving an organization continuously toward its ideal vision of lean operations and performance. 

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