Leading Lean

This course aims to help leaders move an organization through its journey to lean operations and provide the skills to grow knowledge and develop internal resources required for organizational success. Students taking this course should already have a working knowledge of Lean Rules and Principles and have completed either our Lean Foundations or The Lean Experience class.


What is Leading Lean?

Companies of every size face massive amounts of disruption today. Now more than ever, organizations need nimble and responsive leaders who know how to optimize the opportunities change brings. Becoming a lean leader takes commitment to the employees, the system, and to making changes towards improvement.

Leading lean is more of a coaching role than a managing one, with the primary goal of raising new leaders and helping the team embrace a culture of lean improvement. Lean leaders must also build lean into their personal practice through clearly structured processes, elimination of waste, and ongoing application of lean process improvements.

Number of Modules: 5  / Approximate run time: 1 Hour, 30 minutes

The Importance of Culture

The culture within an organization consists of shared assumptions and beliefs, learned responsibilities, and the sum of people’s habits, human natures, and relationships. Many people resist cultural changes because they over-estimate the value of what they have and underestimate the value they can gain by giving it up. Cultural support is essential for companies to succeed with the implementation of lean process improvements.

Developing Strategies for Change

For most companies wanting to implement a lean strategy effectively, cultural changes need to occur. This course outlines ten methods lean leaders can implement to overcome resistance to change, engage their audience, and structure the delivery of standardized work. The course consists of five lessons, which will

  • Identify the impact of culture and cultural inhibitors on a lean transformation.
  • Enable students to develop strategies for building a critical mass of lean change agents within your organization.
  • Empower them to engage others and gain commitment for the lean journey more effectively up, down, and across the organizational chart.
  • Deliver greater leverage and sustainability by employing daily coaching and delegating skills in support of lean principles and practices.
  • Establish an overall framework for the continuous evaluation and improvement of your own lean leadership capabilities.

Since a successful lean environment requires leaders to excel at both verbal and listening skills to understand the problems their people face, the course also contains teaching about communication and an analysis of the difference between coaching and teaching.

Students can learn how to engage in coaching conversations with their teams, build a change network, and identify both quick and sustained results.

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