Lean Kaizen Improvement Workshop

A lean kaizen workshop is a focused improvement workshop utilizing a cross-functional team to meet specific improvement and learning objectives. The purpose of this workshop is not simply to add resources, speed up the process or work harder, but to find better, more effective solutions. With a lean process improvement workshop organizations can reduce waste and add value to their products and services for their customers.


How Lean Kaizen Improvement Workshops Help

Kaizen workshops stress creativity before capital. They focus on facts and use structured methods and tools to diagnose the real problems and their root causes. Based on lean principles, these workshops typically address efficiency and expose issues such as product quality, delivery integrity, administrative errors, and other challenges

Number of Modules: 1  / Approximate run time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Benefits of an Improvement Workshop

Lean Kaizen workshops utilize the lean toolbox, from the seven wastes to problem-solving and visual aids. These workshops apply basic lean tools, which can apply equally to production and office environments. 

Benefits of a lean Kaizen process improvement workshop include gaining a meaningful understanding of:

  • input versus output, 
  • customer demands, 
  • competitive advantages, 
  • adaptability, flexibility, and speed

and other factors influencing the value stream and the customer’s willingness to pay for a product or service. Teaching Lean Systems thinking to the organization is a key benefit of holding an improvement workshop.

Course Description

This course examines the Lean Kaizen Improvement workshop and its effect on lean operations.  During the course, students explore the step-by-step process of an improvement workshop. You’ll learn to identify projects suited to this process improvement method and examine the nine-step journey to achieving it. 

Before starting this module, students should complete the Lean Experience© or lean fundamentals class. This will give you a good understanding of lean principles, rules, and mapping techniques.  We also recommend completing the Introduction to Lean Rules and Principles, Introduction to Mapping, and the After-Action report. Other helpful modules include Visual Management, Standard Work Instructions, and Error Proofing.

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