Lean Transformation Roadmap

Lean transformation is the term used to explain how organizations use strategic, tactical, and operational improvements to create enhanced value for customers. For any organization switching to a lean methodology requires a deep understanding of their customer’s values and the problems to solve. In this module, you’ll discover what lean methodology is and the benefits your company can expect to enjoy by implementing it.


What Lean Is

Lean operations start with the actions that create value for the customer, whether directly or indirectly, and the people who perform them. Lean organizations continuously learn, improve and search for and experiment with better or more cost-effective ways to perform those actions. Doing so enables them to discover process improvement methods that reduce waste, increase profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Number of Modules: 1  / Approximate run time: 21 minutes

A Roadmap for Transformation

Implementing a lean methodology is no simple feat, and it requires companies to follow a carefully crafted roadmap based on specific rules and principles. This module offers this roadmap as a guide to a successful, sustainable implementation process. If your company has baseline knowledge of lean, you can use this roadmap to guide your transformation. Lessons include:

  • Discovering the benefits of using a roadmap
  • Identifying the Four Strategic Pillars needed for a Transformation Roadmap
  • Exploring the unique characteristics during each of the Five Phases of the Transformation Roadmap

Lean principles form the basis of this roadmap, including using a common lens for identifying waste in work processes, finding opportunities for improvement, and aligning team efforts through high agreement and continual learning. 

The lean rules are also critical for successful transformation because they form the basis of continuous improvement. The rules provide for an overview of structured activities and the recognition of customer-supplier relationships. They also require awareness of the flow paths followed to complete the work, and an established method for trying out potential process improvements

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