Introduction to Problem Solving Using the A3 Report 

Students who have explored the five lean principles will recall that Systematic Problem Solving is one of the pillars of a lean organization. The concept of the A3 Report supports this principle by providing a concise analysis of a problem in a standard format, delivered on a single sheet of paper.


Structuring an A3 Report

The A3 Report is a standardized method of supporting problem-solving actions in an organization. Structuring the A3 Report requires you to define the criteria for writing effective problem statements and analyze ways to reach the root cause of problems. You’ll need to identify the containment measures to temporarily reduce the impact of problems on a work area and determine what is realistically achievable.

Number of Modules: 5  / Approximate run time: 95 minutes

Reasons to Use an A3 Report

There are many reasons for commercial, industrial, and lean manufacturing companies to use the A3 report format, including that it:

  • Documents only the most critical information about the problem, which helps to maintain focus. 
  • Restricts the Report to a single sheet of paper, which avoids wasted time or other resources. 
  • A simplified structure and presentation format that ensures all reports get reviewed in the same way. 
  • Focuses the discussion on facts rather than opinions. 
  • Gathers specific data regarding the current performance to provide a baseline for monitoring purposes.
  • Supports the sharing of a problem-solving story that allows others to contribute to generating potential solutions. 

The A3 report format offers lean process improvement opportunities that result in multiple benefits to the organization.

​Benefits of the A3 Report

The A3 Report offers multiple benefits. It enables workers to follow a thinking process, simplifies communication, and builds consensus. The method also encourages learning and requires users to focus on the priorities of the problem. 

Following the A3 process also reduces anxiety and work-related stress because it allows workers to calm down, concentrate and think deeply about the critical aspects of the problem that requires a solution. 

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