Visual Management

Visual Management (VM) in lean operations uses controls or devices that allow individuals to recognize the standard in a work area and to note any deviation from that standard. A powerful continuous improvement method, it helps workers to quickly determine whether activities and functions are flowing as they should.


How VM Applies in Lean Operations

In a lean organization, Visual Management enables everyone to do their work in the same way and meet consistent standards. It creates conditions that promote a fast, easy diagnosis of any abnormal conditions. As these are identified, workers can take immediate steps to correct them, increasing the likelihood that task outcomes will be accurate. Visual management directly supports the lean principle of High Agreement of Both What and How – a principle that allows for standardization of work.

Number of Modules: 4  / Approximate run time: 80 minutes

The Visual Management Module

During this course, learners will gain access to an overview of visual management techniques, including how to identify the difference between the two categories of Visual Management – visual displays and visual controls. By understanding how Visual Management methods enable companies with lean operations to standardize the work environment, individuals can process information about any work area rapidly and accurately.

Recognizing and Using Controls

By exploring different levels of visual displays and their everyday presence, workers learn to align their actions and behaviors according to the risks and potential hazards. Enable your staff to recognize various levels of visual controls and their everyday presence and to enhance the safety of all parties by preventing accidents and injuries.

Promoting the Right Way to Do Work

Knowledge of Visual Management among workers will promote the correct way to complete specific tasks, identify when this is not followed, and get better results by decentralizing the decision-making process when deviations are detected.   

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