Waste Walk

Reducing and eliminating waste is one of the most valuable ways to increase profit margins and improve product or service quality in any organization. The closer a company can get to eliminating wasted time, raw materials, or other resources, the faster it can deliver products and achieve lean operations. Any form of waste costs money, increases the sales price of goods and services, and makes it easier for competitors to gain an advantage. Discover how lean tools and techniques based on the lean principles can benefit your organization by using a waste walk.

The Waste Walk

The Waste Walk is a structured process for seeking out waste in company operations. The method ensures that everyone in the organization uses the same lean approach to uncover and eliminate common wastes. 

In this course, students learn how to recognize work areas with pain points that require continuous firefighting. Some typical candidates for a Waste Walk include:

  • Production bottlenecks
  • Overtime hours
  • Quality problems
  • Extra inventory
  • Excessive or unnecessary storage and handling.

Find out how to conduct a Waste Walk by categorizing and documenting the different types of waste. Students also learn how companies can address these issues through the appointment and training of a team focused on process improvement and waste elimination.

Number of Modules: 1  / Approximate run time: 30 minutes

Developing Solutions

Learners will understand how to compile a product-process map based on their observations and brainstorm solutions for waste problems that exist in work processes. Discover how to document the opportunities for lean process improvement using a tool such as the A3 report. Find out how to uncover and eliminate anything beyond the absolute minimum amount of resources needed to create value.

A Lean Management Tool

The Waste Walk is a recognized tool that directly supports the use of lean principles. It involves employees who work in the areas of the Walk, focusing on developing their observation skills to uncover waste. Employees learn to use a structured tool or template to document waste reduction opportunities and achieve consistent results. The process enables them to identify and implement quick win improvements to build momentum.  

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