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We feel that adults learn best through discovery and experience, which is why we’ve developed a series of products that allow learners to interact with learning principles in a way that best suits their learning style. We’ve got something for everybody!

Whether you learn best through your eyes, ears, or hands, you’ll quickly find that our products help all types of learners to actively engage with material, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of various lean concepts. We want to help you to help yourself.

Single Point Lessons

Single Point Lessons are a volume of one-page structured teaching tools. Each one covers a different lean principle, tool, or concept clearly and succinctly.

Lean Principles and Rules Cards

New language requires repetition, repetition, repetition, and so continuous reminders are a great tool. These business card-sized laminated Lean Principles and Rules cards can do just that.

5S/Wastes Cards

To help keep lean at that forefront, our 5S and Wastes card is a constant reminder that we can reduce waste and keep a safe, efficient, orderly and organized workplace every day.

Lean Principles and Rules Mousepads

New language requires repetition, repetition, repetition, and so continuous reminders are a great tool.

The Beer Game

Bad Systems Beat Good People. Only offered as part of the curriculum.

Lean Learning Center Products

The Mouse Trap Experience

Every company that begins to embrace lean recognizes that their ultimate success is dependent upon the rate of learning and their engagement of people. This program is designed to directly address this issue.

Powering the Lean Enterprise

In the book Powering the Lean Enterprise, author Bill Artzberger introduces basic lean rules and principles in a variety of simulated cases drawn from his personal experiences as a lean coach, trainer and manager.

How You Will Learn

You will find that our methods of teaching and learning are a radical departure from traditional teaching methods.

Lean Curriculum

We offer the most comprehensive and skill-oriented curriculum out there. View course descriptions, schedules, and more.

On-Demand Learning

The Lean Learning Center offers a suite of eLearning training modules that provide a flexible way to accomplish all of your goals.