Single Point Lessons License Agreement

This letter shall serve as a license agreement between The Lean Learning Center and  for usage of The Lean Learning Center’s Single Point Lessons package.

Package Contents

The Single Point licenses held by  includes the following files.

Usage Rights

Under this license, the Single Point Lessons may be distributed an unlimited amount of times to  employees only via hard copy or electronic copy including storage on protected company Intranet or file server.

Limitations of Usage

  • This license is for the exclusive use of the Single Point Lessons by active employees of  only. Neither the files nor the content may be distributed to, shared with or used by other companies, vendors, affiliates or suppliers to .
  • The content from the Single Point Lessons may not be embedded in other materials (training documents, online learning modules, etc.) without the express written consent of The Lean Learning Center.
  • The Lean Learning Center retains ownership of all original content contained in the Single Point Lesson package, including files that are modified or customized by the client.
  • Integration of client logo, modification of language and customized content is permissible; however, the Lean Learning Center copyright must remain on all files included in the package and distributed within .
  • While the content within the Word documents is editable, the graphics located within these files are not.

The signatures provided below represent acceptance of these terms by both the client specified in this agreement as well as The Lean Learning Center.

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Signed by Melissa Curtis-Hendley Curtis-Hendley
Signed On: September 22, 2016

Lean Learning Center
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