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What Makes The Lean Learning Center Different?

We are experts in the lean space – continuous improvement, process improvement, operational improvement –  and a trusted advisor to our clients.  We offer three Lean related services exclusive to the industry:

  1. Operational Improvement Consulting/Advisory Services
  2. Lean Education and Products
  3. Operations & Lean Staffing

One particular strength that differentiates us is our expertise in the two areas that are required to be successful in this space: Adult Education and Execution. Our educational programs are built around the Principles and Rules of Lean and follow our highly effective “Learn, Apply, Reflect” methodology. Our execution and deployment methods, coupled with our Operational Improvement Consulting/Advisory Services and our Operations & Lean Staffing Services, have a proven track record of success and a high rate of return on investment (ROI).  No other firm in the Lean space has this track record or this unique, combined, service offering.

We make businesses better by improving product and service quality, increasing production and delivery capacity (without additional capital) and improving operating efficiencies.

We increase profitability, lower operating costs, reduce waste, increase customer satisfaction, and improve employee engagement.

Call us today to start your journey into the world of Lean.  248-906-8605

What Does The Lean Learning Center Do?

We Increase Our Clients Profits by:

  • Improving the performance and stability of their processes
  • Increase consistency, increase quality and reduce costs
  • Bringing focus and motivation to team members

How We Work

  • We believe in having the greatest impact with the smallest footprint.
  • We believe each clients’ needs are different and therefore our service must change to match those needs.
  • We believe our mission is to transfer skills and knowledge and work ourselves to disengagement.

What Got Us Started

We found three primary failure modes in lean transformations that we set out to correct…

  1. Lean is not born from the application of tools, but from a change in thinking and the resulting transformation in behavior and culture.
  2. Lack of effective and engaged leadership will sink the best of lean efforts.
  3. Each company needs its own roadmap based on its unique business conditions, culture, processes, resources and vision.

The Benefits of Attending The Lean Learning Center Include:

  • Participants develop deeply embedded skills for the application of knowledge, not just the acquisition of information.
  • Participants learn about lean as a system, not just a collection of tools.
  • Participants learn how to think lean and bring lean back to their company.
  • Sustained productivity increases become part of the thinking, not just the effect of a short-term new tool application.
  • Taking lean to another level as experienced only in the most successful organizations.
  • Provides a guide for the practical application of the principles and practices of lean.
  • A significant and almost immediate return on your investment.
  • Personal and company action plans for lean transformation when participants return to the workplace.
  • Experience new ways of learning that will help you understand how to transfer your thinking to others.
  • Meet leaders from other companies that are on the same mission as you, and learn from each other.
  • Creates prophets and champions for lean transformation.
  • It is fun – and that helps you learn.  It is contagious!

This is Not Just Another Seminar — We are Different!

The Lean Learning Center can help you with your lean transformation in ways beyond these courses. With support from our consulting partner Achievement Dynamics we can facilitate kaizen workshops and lean teams transformation at your company including activities from the shop floor to administrative processes. This is a great chance to start learning by doing. We can also help you develop your transformation strategy plan and organizational structure. We can run a Kaizen Workshop Bootcamp at your company to develop a strong core of change agents and facilitators.

Ask us about these additional services.