What Does The Lean Learning Center Do?

With nearly 200 years of combined service experience, The Lean Learning Center assists organizations with every aspect of a Lean transformation. Specifically, we provide:

  • Consulting services for Lean transformation
  • Lean education
  • Educational products
  • Staffing services

The Lean Learning Center was started in 2001 by Dennis Pawley, former Executive Vice President of Manufacturing for the former Chrysler Corporation. In the early 1990s, Mr. Pawley developed the Chrysler Operating System to streamline operational procedures and restore productivity to the beleaguered manufacturer, moving Chrysler from bankruptcy to over $4B in the bank. After his career, Mr. Pawley founded the Pawley Lean Institute in 2002 at his alma mater Oakland University in Rochester, MI.

The Lean Learning Center firmly believes Lean is not a tactic or a simple cost reduction program. Rather, Lean is a powerful journey that drives behavioral change within an organization by establishing a common way of thinking. These behavioral changes ultimately drive results and move an organization closer to operational excellence.

Our team of professionals has experience in numerous industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, human resources and financial services. Using the principles of Lean thinking, we guide our clients through the development of a transformation that will uncover real operational value yielding a significant return on investment and noticeable margin improvement.

What Got Us Started

We found three primary failure modes in lean transformations that we set out to correct…

  1. An overreliance on the Lean tools. We believe that Lean is not born from the application of tools, but from a change in thinking and the resulting transformation in behavior and culture.
  2. Lack of effective and engaged leadership will sink the best of Lean efforts. A lean transformation must be supported by the leadership within an organization.
  3. Companies using the same techniques despite their unique culture and environment. We find that each company needs its own roadmap tailored to its unique business conditions, culture, processes, resources, and vision.

How We Work

  • We believe in having the greatest impact with the smallest footprint.
  • We believe each client’s needs are different and therefore our service must change to match those needs.
  • Our mission is to transfer our knowledge and skills to the point of your self-sufficiency.

We Increase Our Clients Profits by:

  • Improving the performance and stability of their processes
  • Increasing consistency and quality while reducing costs
  • Bringing focus and motivation to team members

What Makes The Lean Learning Center Different?

We are experts in the Lean space – continuous improvement, process improvement, and operational improvement – and a trusted advisor to our clients.

One particular strength that differentiates us is our expertise in the two areas that are required to be successful in this space: Adult Education and Execution. Our educational programs are founded on the Lean Rules and Principles and follow our highly effective “Learn, Apply, Reflect” adult learning methodology. Our execution and deployment methods, coupled with our consulting and our Lean Staffing Services, have a proven track record of success and a high rate of return on investment.

We make businesses better by improving product and service quality, increasing production and delivery capacity, and improving operating efficiencies without increasing capital expenses.

We increase profitability, lower operating costs, reduce waste, increase customer satisfaction, and improve employee engagement.

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