Kaizen ImplementationLean Learning Labs Demonstration Projects Lean + Six SigmaContinuous Improvement Programs Customized Training & Development

Kaizen ImplementationLean Learning Labs Demonstration Projects Lean + Six SigmaContinuous Improvement Programs Customized Training & Development

The Lean Learning Center can help you with every aspect of your lean transformation, from strategy to execution, with our client services.

We believe that there is no one recipe for lean, and we won’t force-fit practices that don’t fit your needs. There is, however, a Roadmap for Lean Transformation – that helps you understand where you are and the best way to get where you want to go.

The Lean Learning Center will help you develop the right approach to rolling out or evolving your operations.

As they say, “Lean is a journey, not a destination.”

Kaizen Implementation

The Kaizen Blitz is the most used lean implementation tool. This vigorous, structured, team-based approach to driving waste out of any process defines the problem, selects the best cross-functional group of people, and fixes the problem quickly using lean tools and techniques. It is highly effective in achieving significant measurable results in a very short time.

What distinguishes Lean Learning Center Kaizen Implementation from others?

First, we’ll thoroughly process-map your processes so we can meaningfully understand your current state.  Then we’ll shift our focus to the ideal state you desire so we can help your team achieve breakthrough results – not just incremental improvement.

Lean Learning Labs

A highly effective technique for changing the culture of an organization and realizing meaningful performance gains is the implementation of a Lean Learning Laboratory® (L3).

L3 is a place — determined by process, sub-process, or geography — where small groups of people learn, practice, and apply the rules, principles, and tools of Lean at a faster pace, with greater frequency and at less risk than to entire business units. Once the L3 pilot team is successful, these small groups become catalysts for broader applications throughout a business unit.

Throughout this implementation, teams will “Learn – Apply – Reflect” and demonstrate.  These are designed to accommodate an organization’s level of lean maturity and its specific strategic/tactical goals.

Included in this implementation are:

  • Scoreboards
  • 5S
  • Waste Walks
  • Standardized Work
  • Process Mapping
  • Control Point Standardization
  • Setup Reduction
  • Practical Problem Solving
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Visual Management

For management teams, we’ll go deeper, focusing on a structured set of tools for executives and managers to use daily throughout their Lean journey. This will grow critical skills to ensure sustainable cultural and operational changes. Training is provided by a Lean Learning Center coach, who comes on-site for each session, which are typically 3-6 weeks apart.

Managerial modules include topics such as:

  • Creative Tension (current reality vs. the ideal state)
  • Control Point Standardization
  • Direct Observation of Work
  • 5 Whys Problem-Solving
  • Scientific Method A3s
  • Visible PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
  • Lean Coaching

Demonstration Projects

Demonstration Projects tackle larger tasks. Whether you are planning a layout of an entire plant (greenfield or brownfield), launching a new service, or undertaking a merger, these major events can either bring you to the next level or halt you in your tracks. Executed effectively, Demonstration Projects can yield significant results.

Our lean coach can either be a project leader or can co-lead with your internal personnel. In either case, we’ll expertly guide your project teams through a 9-Step Demonstration Project process, helping build skills, change the culture and achieve big gains.

Lean + Six Sigma | Continuous Process Improvement Programs

While some companies use Lean and Six Sigma separately, many have found greater success by integrating both into one comprehensive continuous improvement process. Integration entails working through many issues ranging from language to infrastructure. To ensure success, it must be done seamlessly with the ongoing running of your business.

Our coaches at the Lean Learning Center can help assess, plan and execute your Lean Six Sigma process providing critical lessons and best practice suggestions to aid in your efforts. An initial assessment of your programs will help uncover crucial gaps before you begin your journey or once you are on your way. On-site training can be provided by lean-thinking Master Black Belts.

Customized Training & Development

Approaches for implementing a lean transformation vary depending on the organization itself and the unique business conditions in which they work. For example, 5S in a food processing organization looks very different than in a machine shop. Efficient work design in a hospital differs greatly from an auto parts manufacturer.

Working with tenured coaches possessing a wide range of experience is critical to your success.

Our experts help design and deliver efficient and effective customized training and development programs. Beyond our vast experience in a wide variety of industries, what differentiates the Lean Learning Center is our one single mission – We will transfer our skills and knowledge to you and work ourselves toward disengagement.

Thousands of companies worldwide—from startups to Fortune 500—rely on our models to drive their business and power their strategies.

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