Compliance AuditIntegrated AssessmentOperations StaffingLeadership CoachingOperational Due Diligence

Compliance AuditIntegrated AssessmentOperations StaffingLeadership CoachingOperational Due Diligence

When you’re immersed in an operation of any kind, it is difficult to give it a truly objective assessment. Sometimes outside, experienced, and structured help is the best way forward for your organization.

The Lean Learning Center can help you with every aspect of your lean transformation.


Inspect your organization’s processes and procedures to drive the results you need.

The purpose of an audit is focused on compliance. An audit measures the current reality, but it then compares it against a specific standard.

  • Find pre-defined problems and illuminate gaps that then must be corrected.
  • Audit processes for compliance against structured processes such as standard work instructions (SWI), checklists, standard operating procedures (SOP) or company policies.
  • Learn how to use audit results in a non-punitive manner to motivate your teams, close the gaps, and drive real results.


Illuminate the current reality of your organization then compare it with your ideal state.

The purpose of an assessment is to get a snapshot of the current reality of your organization – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Uncover specific gaps and receive recommendations.
  • Use as a getting-started tool, as part of annual planning processes, or as a check-up along your lean journey.
  • Attain both qualitative and quantitative data, covering 13 wide-ranging categories – from material and information flow to problem-solving and employee engagement. A quantitative score helps you measure progress year-over-year, while qualitative feedback includes specific details, information on broad trends and issues as well as suggestions on how you can close the gap to your desired state.

Coaching & Advising

Train and coach your leaders to leverage existing strengths and build further skills.

Lean transformation is a difficult and complex journey, requiring more than just fundamental leadership skills. Maximum leadership effectiveness requires a deeper level of skill and capabilities such as tools that help develop Lean leaders through application and reflection. Accelerated learning techniques, such as our Leadership Development Guide, Lean Leadership Framework and Structured Coaching Conversations, will help you deepen your lean knowledge and become a better coach to your organization

Our Structured Coaching Conversations allow you to punch through crucial barriers with greater clarity and more effective action. Our learning techniques will help you deepen your Lean knowledge and become a better coach to your organization.

One thing is common among leaders – they recognize the need for self-improvement in conjunction with organizational improvement. Our experienced leadership coaches will help you accomplish both.

Staffing Services

Build your organization’s team with lean in mind.

We can assist with staffing needs due to our large network of contacts. We offer search and placement services dedicated solely to Operational Excellence. Our services are available for short term, specific project-based placement up to permanent executive search and placement.

Our candidate vetting process consists of extensive Lean capability screening and includes our industry exclusive Lean Learning Center Candidate Certification program.

Thousands of companies worldwide—from startups to Fortune 500—rely on our models to drive their business and power their strategies.

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