Practice and Simulations: 4 Reasons Why They are Essential Off the Field

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Imagine you’ve just stepped onto a plane for an overseas flight. You stow away your luggage, slide into your seat, and settle in for the long trip. As part of the captain's announcements, he mentions that this is his first overseas flight. "But not to worry," he says, "I've had hundreds of hours of classroom training." [...]

Industry 4.0 & The Internet of Things: How to Take Advantage of Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 is considered the fourth manufacturing revolution since the late 1700s. Essentially, Industry 4.0 (or I4) has taken the digital revolution one-step further by automating manufacturing technologies and enabling them to have insight into the entire production line. These automated processes can then make independent decisions, increasing productivity and eliminating waste. The Internet [...]

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