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Working with thought leaders in industry and education over the past four years, the Lean Learning Center has developed a comprehensive, competency-based lean certification program designed to deliver results.  Hundreds of individuals at select sites have been certified through this program already. The Lean Learning Center is now making these certification programs available to everyone.  This is the program you have been looking for!  These are comprehensive programs geared toward improving every aspect of your career growth, as well as that of your organization. There are certification modules ranging from Lean Beginner to Lean Expert.

We’re always talking about Lean Learning and Thinking and what an impact it has on careers and enterprises, and organizations. That’s why we are now offering individuals and companies the chance to learn and experience the concept of lean learning and thinking first hand. The programs are designed to make you a master of creating ingenious solutions to challenges, thus transforming your career or business from ordinary to extraordinary.

Types of Courses Available

The Lean Learning certification programs are divided into two main categories; Lean Practitioner and Lean Leader.

Lean Practitioner

The Lean Practitioner category is meant for the following people or professionals:

  • Supervisors
  • Operators
  • Managers
  • Staff heads
  • Directors

This category is designed for professionals who are hands-on in the operations of a business or organization. The courses will enhance their problem-solving prowess in administrative and operational issues. It will also help them with optimizing efficiency, improving quality and minimizing waste.

Lean Leader

The Lean Leader category is designed for people in leadership positions who wish to expand their capability beyond the lean practitioner role.  It is meant for people such as:

  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Team and Group Leaders
  • CEO’s & COO’s
  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Lean Directors

In this program, you learn everything about Lean Management and Leadership. Most importantly, you will learn how to inspire and motivate others to become lean thinkers and adopt lean problem-solving techniques. This is the program that helps develop lean educators and trainers.

There are eight levels to the comprehensive certification program. Please see our website for additional details ( These levels are meant to ensure learners go through a thorough program that will develop them into master lean thinkers. The levels are:

  1. Lean White Belt
  2. Lean Yellow Belt
  3. Lean Green Belt
  4. Lean Blue Belt
  5. Lean Orange Belt
  6. Lean Red Belt
  7. Lean Black Belt
  8. Lean Master Black Belt (coming soon!)

You must graduate from one level in order to qualify and proceed to the next. The courses are offered onsite at your location or the Lean Learning Center in Troy, MI. You can also attend some of the classes online.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Lean Learning Center Certification

Lean Learning and thinking are integral for any organization that needs to remain relevant through this 21st century. Technologies, processes, and ways of doing business are changing rapidly. What’s working today might be completely wrong or redundant tomorrow.

Companies, as well as individuals, must be able to reinvent themselves on short notice. They have to anticipate these changes, and be the pioneers of the change themselves. The certification programs from the Lean Learning Center will equip you and your organization with the skills you need to adapt to changes.