Farmers use greenhouses to provide the perfect conditions for the growth of their plants. The conditions in a greenhouse are often set to ensure maximum benefit to plants. Compare that to planting the same plant in a cold and dark plot. The yield obtained from the two places would be very different.

Thinking from that perspective, one can’t help but wonder why many companies provide working environments that are reeling with depravity instead of being enabling. Your work environment should foster great imagination, ideas, and innovation rather than deprive you of space to breath. It’s a conversation that you ought to have with yourself. You have to find out whether your work environment is set to foster your development or to hold you down in one place.

Lean Thinking is Key

How do you do that? You’ll accomplish that by practicing lean thinking. You have to start seeing everything from others perspective. Creativity and innovation make the better part of the recipe for success. They both involve being different and thinking out of the ordinary. That’s what lean thinking and learning are all about.

The windowless beige cubes that many organizations have become fond of will foster no creativity or innovation. Companies that have come to this realization are fostering creativity by creating “greenhouses” of creativity for their workers. These are physically enabling environments that promote ideas and imagination instead of suppressing them.

You’ve probably heard of musicians, authors and artists looking for inspiring locations to produce their best work. Some bumped into the right locations, got inspired, and produced masterpieces. It is the same idea that should be advocated for in this age of creativity and innovation. In the face of a volatile economy and fierce competition, a business can only set itself apart by remaining creative and innovative.

Lean thinking will open up your mind to the possibilities of creating an environment that encourages innovation. Inspiring and engaging locations is now a tried and tested method of enhancing innovation. As a business leader, you need to find ways to inspire your team to be creative so that they can move the organization to the next level.

Making a physical makeover to a physical location does not always have to be expensive. You could start small by transforming the walls by making them colorful or finding a way to let natural light in, instead of remaining under fluorescent lights all day long. Even if you go for an expensive extreme makeover, the end results will be well worth it. Build greenhouses for your team.

Learn lean thinking and encourage your team to learn and practice it as well. Ordinary does not make the cut in today’s business world. If you want to be on top, you have to be extraordinary. It is difficult for many business leaders to see how a physical environment impacts the productivity and innovation of their team. People who’ve learned about lean thinking and practiced it will easily see the importance.

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