We often struggle to understand the connection between the learning process and performance results. The following article from Chief Learning Officer (December 2015) will help clear up some of the confusion and dispel some of the myths. Enjoy!

10 Myths About Learning and Performance

In the past two decades, the ROI Institute has had the opportunity to help thousands of organizations connect learning and development to performance. In that time, 10,000 professionals have participated in a return on investment certification process with 4,000 completing an ROI study to earn the designation of Certified ROI Professional, or CRP. And we have conducted research to support and ambitious publications program that has generated 75 books, including more than 400 case studies documenting the success of connecting learning to performance.

From this research and practice, we have reached some conclusions about the connection of learning to performance, which is often misunderstood. To see this connection clearly, it is first helpful to think about the five levels of evaluation: reaction, learning, application, impact and ROI.

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