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Since we opened the first course to really teach lean thinking, the Lean Experience, the Lean Learning Center has always been focused on helping companies through some of the toughest challenges, from cultural lean transformation to leadership engagement.

We are proud to launch a new course, HR’s Lean Transformation.

There are two primary reasons for designing a course focused on the role that HR plays in the lean transformation journey.

1. Lean is primarily a people journey, or in other words, a human journey, and therefore it seems obvious to us that Human Resources should play at least a very engaged role in the journey.

2. Too often we see the HR resources on the outside of the lean journey wondering how to break in, and the operational leaders sitting in the lean journey wondering why HR isn’t more engaged and not knowing what to do about that.

We did some of the early research and writing on the topic of lean and HR, and have been teaching various version of this new course privately to clients for a few years. We have decided to design this course for the broader population of HR leaders, and make it available as one of our public-enrollment offerings. Some organizations only have 1 HR resource, and we wanted everyone to have a chance to engage in this learning.

Lean and HR have two paths forward. The first is applying lean to HR processes, whether it is improving the quality of the new employee orientation or streamlining benefits administration. The second vector is using the mechanisms of HR from hiring to succession planning to support the cultural transformation of lean.

We are looking forward to seeing some of you at this course, which runs July 29-31. You can read more of the details here, or email us any questions that you have.