Each Lean Learning Center certification is valid for three years. In this time, you will be able to recertify your belt level by continuing your lean education. Learning activities such as college classes, elearning modules, in class training, seminars, and conferences are all great ways to keep current on various lean and continuous improvement topics. The credits may be awarded in a variety of ways; however, at least 50% must be accrued through the Education option. The other 50% may be accrued in any other combination of the options. To ensure an option meets CEU requirements, please contact the Lean Learning Center prior to the event. Each belt level requires a different number of Continuous Education Units (CEUs) and one CEU credit is equal to 10 hours. For example, a one hour training course is worth 0.1 CEUs.

Lean Learning Center – Continuing Certification Requirements
Lean Green Belt  1 CEU   (10 hours)
Lean Blue Belt   2 CEUs (20 hours)
Lean Orange Belt  2 CEUs (20 hours)
Lean Red Belt   4 CEUs (40 hours)
Lean Black Belt   4 CEUs (40 hours)
(Continuing Education Units) per three year cycle

Here are the types of continuing education options:

Education: Participation in any classroom or virtual classroom course(s), or participation in any self-paced training, such as elearning classes. Topics must be Lean centered, for example, problem solving, Kaizen workshops, total quality, quick changeover, continuous improvement, etc.
1. Any Lean Learning Center training course
2. Any Lean Learning Center elearning course (CEU credit is listed on website)
3. Lean training courses at your organization
4. Courses from other third party providers
5. College or university based classes with a Lean component

Professional Events: Attending professional events is a great way to hear new perspectives and create networks.
1. Speaker events
2. Conventions
3. Professional association meetings

Workplace Opportunities: Participation in on-the-job projects is another great place to learn and apply lean principles and tools.
1. Lean Improvement Workshops and/or Kaizen events
2. Problem solving events using lean tools such as the A3 report
3. 5S workshops/events
4. Waste walks
5. Mapping projects

Submit Recertification CEUs

Use the form below to submit your learning activities for Continuous Education Units (CEUs). You may submit your activities one at a time and we will keep a running total for you.  If you are not sure an activity will count towards your CEUs, please ask us at [email protected] and we will let you know right away. When you have reached your CEU total for your belt level, purchase the recertification product below and we will email you your new certificate.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Remember: 1 hour equals 0.1 CEU credits
  • Please describe the nature of your continuing education event including the title of the event, the company, and the instructor/author's name (if applicable).