A powerful tool for generating the results you need learned through a real kaizen experience.

A Kaizen workshop is a vigorous, structured, team-based approach to driving waste out of any process. At the end of this program, participants will be enabled with the understanding and tools necessary to plan, facilitate, and lead Kaizen workshops on their own.

Key benefits of attending the program include learning to:

  • Make rapid and dramatic performance improvements to any process
  • Build effective teams
  • Recognize tools that can be used in both administrative and shop-floor processes
  • Generate savings that can be used to fund long-term transformation efforts

Perhaps no method has been more effective and powerful at generating significant results than kaizen. While kaizen is fundamentally about continuous improvement, a kaizen workshop (or blitz) is a robust, structured, team-based approach to driving waste out of any process and gaining transformation results.

Even experienced kaizen facilitators will benefit from this program!  This program will teach you not only about kaizen workshops, but also about how to facilitate them, lead them, plan them and ensure their success. This is done through a unique blend of application, method and theory. Much like a teaching hospital, you will be able to learn on a real process with a real team and a real kaizen process with real results. This hands-on approach provides not just the knowledge but the confidence and experience to begin your own kaizens.

This program is also very popular to bring on-site to your own company. If you are planning on developing a team of kaizen facilitators, then gain the additional benefit of improved process results by training them while performing a kaizen on your own processes.

Key Benefits

  1. Make rapid and dramatic performance improvements to any process.
  2. Build more effective and unified cross-functional teams through joint improvement efforts.
  3. Learn tools which are equally effective in administrative processes as they are on shop-floor processes.
  4. Generate savings today that can fund your long-term transformation efforts.
  5. Build leaders for change as kaizen facilitators.
  6. Develop a culture for aggressive improvement.

Day 1: The Kaizen Process

Begin by understanding the what, why and how of the kaizen process. Through presentation, video and exercises you will understand how a kaizen works. This is essential knowledge to any kaizen facilitator. Even if you already have a kaizen program, you will learn unique and powerful tools to take your program to new heights.

Days 2, 3 & 4: On-Site Workshop

We will take you to a local manufacturing company and perform a real workshop. Along with our experienced facilitators, you will gain experience in co-facilitating a real kaizen. A real team and real process will be part of this learning, no simulation here! As a learning kaizen, we will take the time to explore the leadership, facilitation, process and implementation throughout the process.

Day 5: Facilitation, Leadership and Action

The last day will begin with a reflection on the challenges and successes of the past three days. You will also learn more about workshop facilitation, leadership, and planning and follow-up of the kaizen process. You will explore the kaizen facilitator as a salesperson of change and finish the day with an action plan to begin, along with all the materials you need to get started.


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