The Lean Kata workshop is an intense hands-on training with the objective of providing fundamental skills necessary to integrate lean improvement in day-to-day operations. This course equips your leaders – frontline, middle, top, across the value stream – with the ability to make improvement a daily practice, a habit. If you are ready for Lean Kata, your business is likely to have experience with lean projects such as kaizen, problem solving teams, waste elimination projects. These projects are probably driven by lean/continuous improvement/operations excellence experts. Lean Kata allows your organization to tap additional sources of improvement. This improvement is owned and fueled by management rather than lean experts with the responsibility to teach and coach “improvers” at any level.

This training is designed for lean practitioners who have had experience with improvement basics. The course refreshes and builds on understanding of the 5 Principles and 4 Rules of lean. Instruction is conducted on-site in the real world. During the 5-day workshop participants spend 15 hours in the process learning new skills. They spend an additional 15 hours in teams processing learning from engaged application. On completion of the training, participants will be prepared to:

  1. Directly observe processes with a common approach
  2. Identify characteristics of well-constructed processes
  3. Improve processes or solve problems using the scientific method
  4. Coach learners practicing improvement
  5. Structure leader standard work to practice daily improvement
  6. Use a scoreboard to track improvement status

The course is conducted on-site for 5 days. The course offers an option for on-site coaching at the end of 30 days as well as on-site coaching and review of improvements at the end of 60 days.


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