An intensive program for learning how to chart your course for improvement and make extraordinary gains in performance.

Promoting the concept of learning through personal experience and application, this course covers the entire value stream improvement process, including value stream mapping, thinking, team views, priority setting, and tools for closing your gaps. Participants can expect to engage in realistic simulations, and can count on leaving the course with not only an understanding of how to build and utilize value stream maps, but with the proper skills and tools to enable them to turn the map into a powerful program for change.

Few methods have generated more interest than value stream mapping, yet most companies greatly underachieve with their value stream efforts. This program derives its lessons from practice experience in real operational transformation.

You may notice that this is not just another value stream mapping course, it is called Lean Value Stream Improvement. While building the maps is an important part of the process, it is not as important as how to understand, analyze and dialogue about the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. This course will cover the whole process, mapping, thinking, team views, priority setting and tools for closing your gaps. You will leave not just with an understanding of how to build and utilize value stream maps, but you will also have the ability to turn that into a powerful program for change.

A powerful simulation will serve as the practice ground for this process. Unlike most value stream mapping courses which use paper-case studies, you will actually be able to build a map of a process you run and then use the value stream improvement process to chart your course for improvement and test your decisions. Value stream improvement is not a formula that pops out a magic answer nor is it a set of prescribed solutions, it is a method for constantly applying the fundamentals of Plan-Do-Check-Act to your improvement process.

Key Benefits

  1. Learn how value stream improvement goes beyond building maps.
  2. Be able to lead a team through building tension between an understanding of the current state and a vision of the ideal state.
  3. Prioritize your efforts effectively for the “biggest bang for your buck.”
  4. Leave with all the tools (including materials) and knowledge you need for value stream improvement.

Day 1: Building Tension

The first day focuses on understanding your process and building tension for improvements, a deep understanding of the current state, and a vision of the ideal state. Using our Production System simulation, you will experience building a value stream map, analyzing it, and building an ideal state using a lean lens.

Days 2: Closing The Gap

The second day will focus on building an effective plan for closing the gap. You will learn methods of analyzing the gap and prioritizing your plans, and you will be able to apply these lessons to the Production System simulation to internalize the lessons. Finally, you will leave with an action plan for applying this powerful method within your own organization.


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