“Out of all the training courses I have attended over the last 30 years, this is the only one that gives me the tools I need to really make improvements.”

B.T., Superintendant, Superior Essex

Why do customers speak so passionately of their Lean Experience? Because The Lean Learning Center offers a comprehensive and skill-oriented curriculum of education services based on the premise that adults learn more through experiences and dialogue than through books and lectures.

Using the Roadmap for Lean Transformation, the Lean Learning Center helps you with every aspect of your lean transformation from strategy to execution, and won’t force fit practices that don’t fit your needs.

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Current Lean Curriculum:

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  • The Lean Experience
  • Lean Value Stream Improvement
  • Lean Kaizen Bootcamp
  • Go and See
  • Lean Kata
  • Leading Lean
  • HR’s Lean Transformation
  • Lean Fundamentals

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