If you are committed to transforming the operational effectiveness of your organization, the Lean Learning Center is the ideal consulting partner to work with to accomplish your goals.

As the saying goes, “Lean is a Journey, not a Destination.” Whether your journey is a total transformation or more directly focused, the Lean Learning Center provides the following solutions.

Integrated Lean Assessment

This on-site assessment will illuminate the current reality of your group or organization. We will then compare the current reality with your ideal state. Throughout the process, we will uncover specific gaps and give recommendations to help you achieve your objectives as we move closer and closer to your ideal state.

This process can be used as a getting-started tool, an input to the annual planning process, or a check-up along your lean journey. Both qualitative and quantitative, the assessment covers 13 wide-ranging categories – from material and information flow to problem-solving and employee engagement. A quantitative score helps you measure progress year-over-year, while qualitative feedback includes specific details, information on broad trends and issues as well as suggestions on how you can close the gap to your desired state.

If your organization has established its own operating system and principles, the Lean Learning Center can also custom design an assessment tool that provides feedback using your own language and criteria.

Leadership Coaching

Lean transformation is a difficult and complex journey, requiring more than just fundamental leadership skills. Maximum leadership effectiveness requires a deeper level of skill and capabilities.

Our leadership coaches help you leverage existing strengths and build further skills where needed, using many tools that help develop Lean leaders through application and reflection. Accelerated learning techniques, such as our Leadership Development Guide, Lean Leadership Framework and Structured Coaching Conversations, will help you deepen your lean knowledge and become a better coach to your organization

Our Structured Coaching Conversations allow you to punch through crucial barriers with greater clarity and more effective action. Our learning techniques will help you deepen your Lean knowledge and become a better coach to your organization.

One thing is common among leaders – they recognize the need for self-improvement in conjunction with organizational improvement. Our experienced leadership coaches will help you accomplish both.

Operational Improvement

Beyond our educational expertise, the Lean Learning Center will work beside you and analyze every area of your current operations.  We will develop customized improvement alternatives and show you how to implement sustainable changes.

The business world is constantly moving, changing, and evolving. As a result, organizations struggle with the performance of their operations from time to time.  The Lean Learning Center’s Consulting/Advisory Services for Operational Improvement emphasizes:

  • Improved process flow
  • Increased supply chain efficiency
  • Waste elimination
  • Improved quality
  • Improved profits
  • Improved culture

We do not just develop the solutions, we also implement and deploy them. The result is a sustainable plan to transform your organization with real measurable results and an attractive ROI.

The Lean Learning Center can also supply the personnel you may need to make your solutions a reality with our Lean & Operations Staffing service.

Operational Due Diligence

In the financial transaction services space, Operational Due Diligence (ODD) is the process of evaluating the operational aspects of a company prior to, during, or after an M&A/PE/VC transaction.   Whether you engage in a transaction on the buy side or sell side, this process is critical to establishing the real value of a deal.

Using the principles of Lean thinking during ODD, on either side or at any stage of a transaction, is one of the best ways to identify significant, incremental value.

The Lean Learning Center provides research, analysis and documented recommendations by direct observation and analysis of your entire organization. As a result, we document the current operational state and identify opportunities for improvement that will unleash your organization’s optimal operational value.

Application Services

The Lean Learning Center will help you develop the right approach using implementation practices.

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Staffing Services

We have a huge network and that makes us the perfect source to offer search and placement services.

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