Establish a meaningful leadership framework to facilitate a stable Lean Transformation

A sustainable lean transformation requires dedication and determination at all levels of your organization. With Leading Lean, you can successfully address the various roles and responsibilities that you fulfill as a lean change agent and learn to take significant leadership strides that will push your organization further and faster. Whether you are an executive or manager in an organization pursuing lean or an individual contributor acting as a change agent, this three-day course will teach you to examine the five leadership moves that are essential to successful leadership, and to explore the ten tactics of innovation that can be utilized to gain a commitment to the lean journey. In addition, you will use a developed assessment tool to analyze each of the roles, skills, principles and challenges discussed throughout the course, and you will assess your own proficiency in each area of the leadership framework.

Duration: 3 Days

Cost: $1695.00 (Per Participant)

Location: Lean Learning Center, Troy, Michigan.  Can be offered onsite at your location.

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Course Description

RECENT RESEARCH SHOWS that most companies believe that their lean efforts will fail if one key person leaves. No initiative as important as lean should be so dependent and so fragile. The single most common cause for failure of lean transformation is ineffective leadership. Yet few lean efforts invest consciously and deeply in the necessary leadership capabilities.

Through our experience and research, we have developed Leading Lean to focus on the leadership capabilities most critical to lean success. Whether you are a senior executive or a full-time lean champion, this program will help you deliver real change to your organization.

Key Benefits

  1. Develop strategies for building a critical mass of lean change agents.
  2. Engage others more effectively up, down and across the organizational chart.
  3. Utilize practices such as coaching, commitment conversations and understanding innovation and learning.
  4. Develop a plan for your ongoing leadership development.


Day 1: One Person at a Time

To help you establish a leadership framework, we’ll examine the five moves of successful lean leadership. We’ll explore a number of ways to build commitment for lean transformation by developing an understanding of how people adopt new ideas and innovations such as lean. You’ll also learn how to leverage this knowledge through specific tactics and strategies.

Day 2: Pushing Forward

To sustain lean transformation, change agents need to develop effective coaching skills. At the Leading Lean program, you’ll learn how to coach with an approach based on lean practices and needs. Since coaching must extend in all directions, we will cover a variety of coaching and teaching styles to suit different environments.

Day 3: The On-going Change

Lean requires building trust and momentum for change. You’ll learn how to have effective commitment and recommitment conversations. We will also help you build a plan and framework for your ongoing lean leadership development and learning.