The Lean Experience®

A total immersion workshop in true lean thinking.

The Lean Experience® course covers the principles and rules that enable a lean transformation. Reinforcing the Learn-Apply-Reflect process, the objective of this course is not only to pass on information, but to allow participants to internalize Lean through personal experience and application. In this course, a powerful and realistic simulation is combined with case studies, video, lecture, and other learning techniques designed to allow participants to internalize concepts, evoking a significant difference in how they look at lean, their operations, and their organizational transformation.

Course Description

This program is for both those new to lean and lean experts. What’s the difference between a lean program and a true lean transformation? Only those companies that go beyond the tools of lean and develop the common lens, language and thinking of lean succeed. Success is measured not just by a company’s ability to get results today but to sustain and accelerate those improvements. The Lean Experience® covers what no other program does  the principles and rules that enable lean transformation. They enable success of traditional lean tools and provide guidance and power where the tools don’t go.

The Lean Experience® is exactly what it sounds like  an experience! The objective is not just to pass on information but to allow participants to internalize lean through personal experience and application. The driving force of this internalization is our Learn, Apply, Reflect process. Through a rapid repeated process key concepts are first learned and you have it in your head, then applied and you put them in your hands and finally reflected upon where you put them in your heart. This Learn, Apply, Reflect process results in walking examples of lean thinking returning to your organization to act as leaders, coaches and achievers of lean.


Day 1: Lean is Born from Thinking

Through Discovery exercises and a case study, learn the fundamental thinking that supports lean and the powerful guiding rules for all process design, management and improvement. Begin to develop a language and lens for a new way of thinking.

Days 2, 3 & 4: Learn  Apply  Reflect Lean Principles

Through a powerful and realistic simulation you will explore the lens, language and beliefs of lean. This will be combined with case studies, video, lecture and other learning techniques to let you internalize these concepts. Each principle will follow Learn  Apply  Reflect. You will learn the concept, then in a team setting be able to apply it and experience its power, then through reflection you can make connections back to how these ideas affect you and your organization.

At the end of this process there will be significant difference in how you look at lean, your operations and your organizational transformation. Whether a lean beginner or expert you will deepen your perspective and skill. This is capped by connecting these principles back to your own processes through exploration of the ideal state along with understanding the needed leadership to make lean effective.

Day 5: A Day of Action

This day will begin by understanding the Roadmap for Lean Transformation, your guide through the pitfalls and enablers of a successful lean journey. Working with our coaches you will then develop your action plan whether that be a company transformation or a specific project.

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