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SMED as a Lean Tool

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Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) is kind of like 5-Why’s in that each is not as specific as the name implies. The “5” in 5-Why’s is more a guideline than a specification. Likewise “single minute” is a place-holder for the amount of time that approximates the minimum amount of time it should take for a [...]

Procedural Compliance and Why The Deviation From Standard Can Be Devastating

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At the recent NBAA conventions National Safety Forum, NTSB Chairman Chris Hart cited the investigation of a Gulfstream G-IV crash on May 21, 2014 at Bedford Massachusetts that killed all seven aboard. Investigators blamed the crash on the crews attempt to take off with the control lock engaged. Analysis of the flight data recorder revealed the [...]

How Can You Effectively Introduce Lean Improvements in Your Organization?

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What is Lean? At its core, “Lean” is about improving and optimizing your operations. An organization using lean thinking consistently provides greater value to its customers while consuming fewer resources to do so. Lean organizations do not focus on a single area of their business, they focus on the entire process flow to eliminate waste and [...]