Lean Fundamentals

What Can Lean Do for You?

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Lean methods consistently show staggering results across many sectors. A famous example of this is Harley Davidson. Facing bankruptcy in the early 80’s, Harley Davidson’s CEO decided to implement lean practices in order to turn things around. In a few years, Harley Davidson went from turning inventory twice a year to seventeen times per year, increased [...]

What is 5S?

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Everyone has been there. You walk into work determined to stay organized, and by lunchtime, you can’t find the document you were working on this morning. Your desk, and likely your office, have become messy and chaotic. It’s no secret that messy and chaotic work environments are frustrating, especially in the moment. However, research also suggests [...]

SMED as a Lean Tool

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Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) is kind of like 5-Why’s in that each is not as specific as the name implies. The “5” in 5-Why’s is more a guideline than a specification. Likewise “single minute” is a place-holder for the amount of time that approximates the minimum amount of time it should take for a [...]

Study Reveals Benefits of Lean Fundamentals Program for High School Students

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A recent cooperative study uncovers the value and effectiveness of the Lean Fundamentals Program in a collaborative high school setting. Lean Learning Center recently collaborated with Oakland University and the Clintondale Community School District to offer Clintondale High School students a six-week course on Lean methods which included an extensive project-based learning simulation. The goal of [...]

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