Top Five Lean Manufacturing FAQs

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Unfortunately, this 15 point “FAQ” doesn’t appear in the official Scrabble dictionary (I looked it up).  Fortunately, we are here to help with the five most common lean questions.  While the concept of lean isn’t new, it’s easy to get lost in the mountain of rules and strategies surrounding the topic.  Sometimes, it helps to get [...]

Most of the training offered by the Lean Learning Center qualifies for funding by the State of Michigan!

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(A note from the State of Michigan) Going PRO Talent Fund Application Period is Now Underway! Ends Oct. 28 Oakland County Michigan Works! has great news for businesses across Oakland County. The State of Michigan passed its fiscal year budget last week which included $40 million for employers to train new and current employees through the Going [...]

Why Lean Leaders Should Be Servant Leaders

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The most crucial aspect of any Lean process implementation is the collective adoption of a continuous improvement mindset. This is the idea that Lean is never truly ‘accomplished’ but continuously sought after over time, leading to more impressive results with each tick of the clock. However, implementing this kind of mindset can present a challenge, as [...]

How Awe Inspires Innovation

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Take a deep breath and imagine yourself in the midst of a towering redwood forest. The trunks are more expansive than a small car, and they reach hundreds of feet into the air. They are so tall, in fact, that they would tower over the Statue of Liberty. As you gaze up at the giants, your [...]

Mistake Proofing

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Mistakes happen. It’s one of the most basic truths of life, along with the idea that perfection is a myth. And while society has largely accepted both of these truths, it hasn’t stopped people from looking for ways to edge us closer to error-free, or perfection. Mistake Proofing, or error proofing, also known as Poka-Yoke, is [...]

The 5 Whys for Problem Solving

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The Problem with Problems The late inventor, Charles Kettering, once said, "A problem well-stated is a problem half-solved." And while this might seem a bit far-fetched, the research suggests that this notion isn't far from the truth. If you look at just about any problem-solving study, they all come to the same conclusion: the best way [...]

Bottleneck Analysis

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When the things we rely on most heavily, such as machines, systems, or processes, work most effectively, our businesses and organizations are more likely to flourish. Still, there will be times that something gets in the way, causing these aspects of our work to slow down or even stop. Most often, this stoppage is the result [...]

Improving Capacity without Additional Capital

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These uncertain times have added an abundance of pressure to manufacturers looking to keep up with increased consumer demand. The problem is that this pandemic world has also led to dramatic decreases in workforce capabilities, leaving companies scrambling to increase their output without increasing their spending. Companies that have adopted Lean strategies, however, are far better [...]

Lean – The Continuous Learning Environment

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When thinking about what is lean, a focus on the continuous improvement of the process is often emphasized. However, lean also means a continuous improvement of the person.  In today’s fast-paced market, the best way to stay competitive is to create an environment that encourages and bolsters employee learning. Today’s market requires quick thinking leaders who [...]

Lean Pitfalls

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While there are many things that can constitute a Lean pitfall, there are three main pitfalls to be wary of. 1. Rules before Tools! Lean tools are powerful aids to improvement. However, you must first understand Lean thinking and learn the key Lean principles before using the tools. This is the only way you will be [...]

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