How to Use a Scientific Mindset to Make Better Decisions

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Virtually everything you can see, touch, taste, and smell is the product of a scientific process. And the scientific method isn't just for big problems. It also applies to the little decisions in our life that make a big difference. Having a scientific mindset is an essential part of everyday life. It encompasses everything from waking [...]

How Crude Experimentation Maximizes Innovation to Drive Success

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The Problem with Traditional Experimentation Experimentation and innovation cannot exist without one another. To embrace innovation, we must also embrace the experimental process. But this is not quite as easy as coming up with new ideas and testing each of them. Each new idea will cost a company in time, money, and manpower, and these resources [...]

Theory of Constraints: How to Identify Weakness to Increase Flow

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What is the Theory of Constraints? Every organization faces bottlenecks, or constraints, in their daily operations. These constraints are often found in a manufacturing line when there is an issue with a process or procedure. However, constraints can occur across an organization, from personnel to issues with technology. The Theory of Constraints offers a methodology to help [...]

Top 8 Secrets for Upgrading Your Gemba Walk

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Lean practices are built on a foundation of continuous improvement. But knowing where to focus improvement efforts can sometimes be tricky. This is especially true if the leaders making decisions are disconnected from the people on the front lines. This is where Gemba Walks can be effective. What is Gemba? Gemba comes from the Japanese word [...]

Small Incremental Improvements Are Small Steps to Huge Change

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In 2002, Sir David Bailsford was coming out of a sales management career and stepped foot into the world of competitive cycling. Armed with an MBA and inspired by Kaizen, Sir David Bailsford began his training from an incremental improvement mindset. This was no easy task. It involved the constant and meticulous measurement of key performance [...]

Top Five Lean Manufacturing FAQs

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Unfortunately, this 15 point “FAQ” doesn’t appear in the official Scrabble dictionary (I looked it up).  Fortunately, we are here to help with the five most common lean questions.  While the concept of lean isn’t new, it’s easy to get lost in the mountain of rules and strategies surrounding the topic.  Sometimes, it helps to get [...]

Most of the training offered by the Lean Learning Center qualifies for funding by the State of Michigan!

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(A note from the State of Michigan) Going PRO Talent Fund Application Period is Now Underway! Ends Oct. 28 Oakland County Michigan Works! has great news for businesses across Oakland County. The State of Michigan passed its fiscal year budget last week which included $40 million for employers to train new and current employees through the Going [...]

Why Lean Leaders Should Be Servant Leaders

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The most crucial aspect of any Lean process implementation is the collective adoption of a continuous improvement mindset. This is the idea that Lean is never truly ‘accomplished’ but continuously sought after over time, leading to more impressive results with each tick of the clock. However, implementing this kind of mindset can present a challenge, as [...]

How Awe Inspires Innovation

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Take a deep breath and imagine yourself in the midst of a towering redwood forest. The trunks are more expansive than a small car, and they reach hundreds of feet into the air. They are so tall, in fact, that they would tower over the Statue of Liberty. As you gaze up at the giants, your [...]

Mistake Proofing

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Mistakes happen. It’s one of the most basic truths of life, along with the idea that perfection is a myth. And while society has largely accepted both of these truths, it hasn’t stopped people from looking for ways to edge us closer to error-free, or perfection. Mistake Proofing, or error proofing, also known as Poka-Yoke, is [...]

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