Registration Available for The Lean Experience®® December Course

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The Lean Learning Center offers an innovative program this December to help organizations improve their results by focusing on transforming companies from the inside out. The Lean Experience®® The Lean Experience®® is a 5-day program that challenges the way your company approaches work. Use the following questions to help you determine if your company could benefit [...]

Bill Artzberger and Ron Holcomb of Lean Learning Center Presenting Lean Tools at FABTECH 2016

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Learn why TPM principles form the required foundation for a sustainable system and the advantages and challenges of improving your changeover performance. Troy, MI – October 25, 2016 – Bill Artzberger, partner at the Lean Learning Center, with over 25 years of experience in Lean Training, Consulting in Lean Manufacturing, and Kaizen Implementations will be presenting [...]

The Lean Learning Center Offers Free Lean Training through the Michigan Workforce Development Agency

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Skilled Trades Training Fund provides funds to companies for short term, in-demand training giving Michigan employers a competitive edge. Troy, MI - October 10, 2016 – The State of Michigan is offering reimbursement for specified costs related to training new and current employees. The Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) provides funds to companies for short term, [...]

Who Leads 90% of the People in your Company Every Day?

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Frontline managers see everyone in your company every day. If your frontline team spends more than 60 minutes of their day increasing value added from their team you are ahead of the average. Ask yourself: Of the salaried headcount, what percentage are frontline managers? How many associates are they connecting with daily? Of 600 minutes at [...]

SMED as a Lean Tool

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Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) is kind of like 5-Why’s in that each is not as specific as the name implies. The “5” in 5-Why’s is more a guideline than a specification. Likewise “single minute” is a place-holder for the amount of time that approximates the minimum amount of time it should take for a [...]

When Lean Learning Doesn’t Make Cents… Sense

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When an organization is trying a new process or method to deliver improvement there are many variables to monitor. Like most things lean, observing people using the new tool or method is essential. It also is valuable to listen to what they say. When the lean coach hears someone say “this just doesn’t make sense to [...]

Intuition is Useful in Business

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A leisure activity for all of us, but also a source of research and study, business periodicals help keep us in the know. There is a heap of them, and they can be more palatable than manuals, graphs and reports. We read them to keep up with developments in the industry and to live the adventure [...]

Red straw trap: Success sticks you to the past

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Red straw trap: Success sticks you to the past Josh Linkner, Detroit Free Press June 18, 2016 In 1953, three employees of the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company created a mixture to protect missile skins. It didn't work. They tried again – no luck. And again, and again. Finally, on the 40th try, they were successful. [...]

Retention in the Workplace

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During a recent manufacturing forum one of the most consistent problems we heard about from companies of every size was the consistent struggle to find and retain skilled personnel. Here are some of the proven methods we use to promote retention. Provide engaging and meaningful work. Be sure each employee truly understands the value of their [...]

Ten Myths About Lean Learning

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We often struggle to understand the connection between the learning process and performance results. The following article from Chief Learning Officer (December 2015) will help clear up some of the confusion and dispel some of the myths. Enjoy! 10 Myths About Learning and Performance In the past two decades, the ROI Institute has had the opportunity [...]