Working with thought leaders in industry and education the Lean Learning Center has developed a comprehensive, competency-based lean certification program designed to deliver results.  Hundreds of individuals at select sites have been certified through this program already. The Lean Learning Center is now making these certification programs available to everyone.  This is the program you have been looking for!  These are comprehensive programs geared toward improving every aspect of your career growth, as well as that of your organization. There are certification levels ranging from Lean Beginner to Lean Expert.  The programs are designed to make you a master of creating ingenious solutions to challenges, thus transforming your career or business from ordinary to extraordinary.

You must graduate from one level in order to qualify and proceed to the next. The courses are offered as a private class onsite at your location or as a public class at our facility. If you do not see a class publicly scheduled that you need for a belt certification, please contact us and we’ll work to find you a class that will qualify.  In some cases, you can also attend some of the classes online.

Yellow Belt -Beginner

The Yellow Belt certification requires completion of the Lean Learning Center’s online module series “An Introduction to Lean Rules and Principles”.

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Green Belt – Novice

The Green Belt is the natural progression from the Yellow Belt level. This belt requires successful completion of either our five-day Lean Experience® or our three-day Lean Foundations class as well as participating in a real-world Lean project that uses a combination of the lean rules, principles, and tools in the classes. Also, you must successfully pass the Green Belt exam.

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Blue Belt – Lean Practitioner

The Blue Belt signifies a practitioner level of Lean knowledge. This belt requires completion of Lean Learning Center’s Lean Kaizen Bootcamp, which walks through the steps of implementing change by improving a predetermined project area. The Blue Belt also requires active participation in a real-world Kaizen event as well as successfully passing the Blue Belt exam.

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Orange Belt – Lean Leader

Orange Belt certification signifies the possession of skills needed to lead a lean project or transition. The Orange Belt requires completion of the Lean Learning Center’s Leading Lean class. Certification also requires leading two lean projects, as well as successfully passing the Orange Belt exam.

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Red Belt – Lean Coach

The Red Belt certification level signifies possession of both fundamental Lean coaching skills and the skills needed to move continuous improvement from an events-based project to a daily, structured, and observable habit. Participants are required to complete our Lean Kata class, coach at least two daily improvement (kata) projects, and successfully pass the Red Belt exam.

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Black Belt – Lean Expert

Black Belt Certification signifies the complete mastering of Lean thinking, tools, and skills. This level requires completing additional online modules, a comprehensive exam, and an interview with our Lean experts.

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Belt Recertification

Each Lean Learning Center certification is valid for three years. In this time, you will be able to recertify your belt level by continuing your lean education.

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