Comprehensive and Skill-Oriented Curriculum

The Lean Learning Center is offering the most comprehensive and skill-oriented curriculum available. This curriculum is based on several assumptions:

  • Lean is about principles, rules, and concepts – not just tools.
  • Lean transformation is about learning and experimentation, not just project management.
  • Adults learn through experiences and dialogue, not through books and lectures.

Jumpstart your lean journey and take your organization to the next level of success by developing your entire workforce at the Lean Learning Center; we offer a number of exciting workshops that allow us to share our new and unique ideas with our guests.

How You Will Learn

You will find that our methods of teaching and learning are a radical departure from traditional teaching methods.

Educational Products

Whether you learn best through your eyes, ears, or hands, you’ll find something specialized for you and your team.

On-Demand Learning

The Lean Learning Center offers a suite of eLearning training modules that provide a flexible way to accomplish all of your goals.