Error Proofing

Errors and defects can occur anywhere.  It’s hugely frustrating, but instead of focusing on the inconvenience and correcting the defect, learn how to prevent the defects and errors from occurring in the first place.


In this online course, students striving to achieve lean process improvement will learn:

  • the three primary functions of error-proofing devices 
  • how to determine why errors occur, 
  • how to proactively detect them, 
  • how to choose ways to respond to them 
  • how to implement future prevention methods. 

Learners will also discover how to Identify the common error-proofing devices used in everyday life and recognize the type and function of those devices and techniques.

Number of Modules: 1  / Approximate run time: 35 minutes

The Purpose of Error Proofing

Error proofing is a structured, standardized method of proactively building process improvement standards into a system or process. The purpose of error proofing is always to improve the task and make it impossible for the operator to complete work incorrectly. Error proofing strives to eliminate the risk of making mistakes and deliver 100% accuracy. This enables organizations practising lean operations to avoid the mistakes caused by humans, machines, and processes. 

Understanding the Role of Error Proofing

Discover how to identify and understand the current state, choose an error detection method, and determine the response needed to correct the error. Become familiar with the three lean detection methods: contact, fixed value, and motion step detection. Learn how to decide what error-proofing response should occur, such as warning delivery, control method, or shutdown.

Benefits of Lean Learning Center’s Error Proofing Course

Any organization can benefit from error-proofing. Learn how to collect data to compare the results of error proofing against the baseline after implementation. Discover the benefits of error proofing in lean process management, including:

  • Removing the need for individual decision-making,
  • Avoiding damage to products and equipment, 
  • Eliminating the waste of time, money, and resources.
  • Reduction of defective products.

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